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Aloo Mutter (Peas & Potato Curry)

I’m not sure many people can say this, but I owe my sanity to aloo mutter…or at least my sanity in India anyway. 820 more words


Recipe: Utan nga Tambo (Bamboo shoots in coconut milk)

This is a classic dish in Western Visayas, Philippines with bamboo shoots and coconut milk as the core ingredients, then enhanced with subak (the ingredient that gives added flavor, always from the sea–shrimp paste, dried shrimps, fresh shrimps, and crabs for the ultimate subak).   145 more words


Pechay/Bok Choy Two Ways (with recipe) - for the working mom

Good evening.  This was our dinner some two hours ago– pechay and shrimps in oyster sauce.

And this one, inspired by a dish at Miagao’s Sulo restaurant (lovely landscaping) 347 more words