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Parsnips and Broccoli Rabe

Broccoli Rabe is delicious and although it shares its name with broccoli, it is not actually related. It is closer to a turnip and has a slightly bitter taste but not as bitter as mustard greens. 180 more words


Colourful vegetable bake!

A delicious and hearty vegetable bake with layers of colour and flavour. Use your favourite root vegetables to create a meal or side dish that is both gluten and dairy free. 194 more words


Vegetable Tagine

As you know I got my Tagine (I wanted for 3 years!) as a gift. A traditional Moroccan vegetable dish is cooked in Tagine but I wasn’t aiming for Moroccan style I wanted Tagine for slow cooking. 142 more words


Blanched Vegetable Salad - Carrots and Greens

Blanched vegetables are a light and colorful dish made with a combination of root, round and leafy green. Always choose, at minimum, two vegetables from two separate categories (root, round, leafy). 276 more words


Quick Sautéed Carrots and Kale

Quick, simple and delicious.  The oil in this dish helps nourish from the inside.

Quick Sauteed Carrots and Kale:
1 medium sized carrot, half roll cut or julienne style… 103 more words


Pineapple Rice

Step 1: First pat the pineapple head gently and say “thank you Pineapple for coming this far! I am grateful to have a pineapple in winter. 248 more words