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Vegetables in coconut milk with mashed potato

Saute vegetables. A bit of onions and garlic. Some string beans, broccoli, carrots, young corn, asparagus and bell pepper. Add as much veg as you like :) … 42 more words

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Recipe Box, Slow Cooker Collards & Conecuh

My sweet neighbor brought me a big bag full, or I should say a “messa” of collard greens last weekend, to thank us for including him on a fishing trip… 583 more words

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Corn-Capsicum-Paneer Vegetable

Capsicum is also known as Bell peppers. This is originally an American plant entered India appx in the 15th century.

According to the “Condensed Encyclopaedia of Healing Foods,” bell peppers offer many health and medicinal benefits: 337 more words


Mixed Veg Fry

There are times when I completely have no time whats so ever to cook but still want to have a flavorsome meal. Mixed veg fry is the answer. 229 more words


Napa Cabbage Pressed Salad with Citrus Dressing

Those who know me laugh whenever I show up at a pot luck because I almost always bring a pressed salad as one of the dishes. 305 more words


Cauliflower egg bake with cucumber salad

We like savory breakfast better than sweet. Only Sundays are sweet thanks to pancakes.  And even on Sundays, we start with bread and cheese or something savory and then ends up with delicious pancakes. 155 more words