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Moroccan Roasted Vegetables

To complete my most recent Moroccan-themed meal of Moroccan Chicken and Moroccan Green Beans I found this great recipe on low.cholesterol.food.com that complimented things fantastically!  The cinnamon, paprika and cumin give a warm tone and the touch of cayenne gives a pop of heat, not much but enough to just taste it.   388 more words

Dukan Diet Worthy


I love a good casserole; they’re often homey, comfort food, they’re quick and they’re delicious.  It’s true, I often fix big meals that have a protein, two veggies and a soup, or will spend 7 hours perfectly roasting a duck to crispy-skin heaven, but sometimes I just want to throw everything in one dish and be done. 527 more words


Brussel Sprout Crack: A Sequel to Crack Broccoli

I have found the sequel to Crack Broccoli and this is a sequel worth taking a look at!  Find somebody, anybody, who says they dislike brussel sprouts and make them eat this. 614 more words


Can't Get Enough Carnitas

I love food. Pretty much all of it. Then there is this strange conflict between my love of leftovers and my easily bored taste buds, it usually works out that by the time the leftovers are gone I’m tired of eating that dish anyway and won’t make it again for several weeks. 941 more words

Vegetable Matter

Best Guacamole Ever!

That isn’t just my opinion on that either, over three thousand allrecipes.com users will back me up on this according to their website!  I am a novice when it comes to guacamole. 689 more words

Vegetable Matter

Crack Broccoli

We get together with a couple of friends every so often and make a big crab boil. I mean the full shebang with dipping butter, malt vinegar and all the veggies that go in a boil like potatoes, corn, asparagus, onion and garlic.   489 more words

Dukan Diet Worthy

DIY Lazy Kate and Lazy Spinner

I don’t want to admit to how many years it’s taken me to complete two of these skeins of yarn.

Suffice it to say there was a long intermission, with not enough popcorn and soda, in the middle. 307 more words