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This enormous turnip came out of our garden a while back. I didn’t really know what to do with it, so I left it in the ground to just keep growing and growing…subconsciously, I was hoping for an ad to pop up in the local paper saying something along the lines of, ‘Come and show your super-sized turnip at the local fair this weekend. 171 more words

Gardening And Growing Your Own Food

The Joy of Growing My Own Food

Last year I finally managed to get my hands on my own plot of land, and the joy of growing my own food began.

Compared to many others who were on various waiting lists of up to five years I only had to wait six months. 624 more words


A Slow Winter ...

It’s been a slow winter, with my gardening priorities of 2014 being focused as a one-year cycle due to renting the house, the garden is not only bare, but also any surviving plants have been destroyed by the two rabbits (how could I possibly be mad at them though). 194 more words


Happy birthday me!

I’m officially in the last year of my twenties, and I have to say 29 is a bit of an anti climax. There’s no cause for lashings of mother’s ruin, no big shindig upon which scores of family and friends descend. 312 more words


Garden Update: Blossom End Rot

Last weekend I started noticing young vegetable fruits rotting. Very noticeable are the tomatoes and zucchinis. From above the tomatoes look happily sun-kissed and ripening, but with one slight nudge the fruit falls off, showing its rotten bottom. 129 more words


The last of the vegetables

We have been busy collecting the last of the vegetables before finally digging the ground over ready to start again!


Living on the urban edge

Living in Greater Noida gives you an esoteric mix of experiences. If I go 2-3 kms east from my house, I reach Kasna village. It is a true blue town-village with small shops, narrow walkways and unique mix of urban and rural products for sale. 635 more words