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A Quiet Day

Today I have spent my time planting… Sounds relaxing?

Nope, not when the veg patch is almost a third of an acre. So, the sweetcorn is in the polytunnel, it really wouldn’t grow otherwise, we are just too cold and high up. 59 more words


Never enough Garlic

Last weekend E & I decided that all the garlic that we have in the cupboard was done growing there and needed to move onto the next stage of evolution. 26 more words


Eat Your Greens

There’s a possibility that you may only find this interesting if you’re 192877836 years old because it’s about gardening, but when we moved back to Scotland, one of the things we were both really keen to do was start producing more of our own food. 330 more words


Spring is all about gardening and having a go at growing stuff!

I tackled my ‘Potager’. This was no mean feat and I completely underestimated how difficult and long that task was going to take. How on earth did they do that all by hand in the olden days! 214 more words

Le Jardin

Roses & Dirt

C -The last three days have been busy days on our roof. We decided that we needed to to be able to complete a few of the things that we had been talking about for a while and with access to a car this became easy. 273 more words


Another Vegan Day

I am really getting in to the ways of eating vegan and feeling so good for it too.  I am eating whole food and plant-based rather then vegan junk food as obviously, living on junk such as wine and crisps would be vegan but wouldn’t make you feel very vibrant.   397 more words

Getting Back On Track

I have eaten too much recently and too much that is not whole food or plant food.  So I have focused on getting back to eating a diet made up of only whole foods and plant foods and then I can begin tracking to eat 80/10/10 again.   1,512 more words