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Do you ever take a favorite recipe and tweak it a little?  The main reason I love to cook is because it is another world of creative expression and it’s fun to invent and reinvent favorite dishes… 460 more words

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Popeye Pie

Most of my generation moms grew up watching Popeye – The Sailor and so were introduced to spinach very early and would not mind consuming it since Popeye did so and he could manage getting over any trouble. 691 more words

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Pumpkin Pie

This is it. Its perfect. Don’t bother making any other pie.

~makes one 9 inch pie~




Don’t mistake this recipe for the previous one I’ve posted called Mother-in-law’s Spinach Cheesecake. That one is more of a savoury cheesecake, whereas this one may fall more into the typical phyllo and spinach category. 282 more words

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Þessi uppskrift er frá mömmu, svakalega góð, (holl), einföld og umfram allt fljótleg (við þurfum meira af því í lífið)

Botninn er heldur frjálslegur ala mamma mín -engar mælingar, bara hveiti/spelt/heilhveiti, lint smjör og vatn, kreist saman í deig sem er ekki of blautt en helst saman. 116 more words


Yam Pie

A quick google search has taught me that the “Sweet Potato Pie” made it’s debut in a recipe book in the 18th century. True or not, I’ll accept that it’s been around for at least a very long time… 290 more words

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Idiot Recipes - Pie

We made pie last night. We have not made pie before – not savoury pie. We have made apple pie. Pie is nice. I am glad we know how to make pie. 538 more words