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Green V8 Smoothie

This smoothie recipe is extremely similar in taste to V8.  The only difference is that it’s green!  Well, that and it’s completely homemade, so there’s no chance of preservatives, juice made from concentrate, or anything else that is less than desirable! 139 more words


Smoothies - I'm addicted!

According to the NHS a 150ml smoothie can count as more than one of your 5-a-day if it contains at least 80g of two types of fruit and/or veg and all the the edible pulped fruit or vegetable. 295 more words

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Energy Smoothie

There was a time I fueled my body with nothing but coffee for the better half of the day.  I would inevitably crash mid afternoon and was left with little energy after work to play to my three kiddos.  154 more words

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How to make your own superfood smoothies

There are two things I learned from the health-conscious people around me that I’ve always wanted to try: a detoxifying cleanse and veggie smoothies. I tried a body cleanse in October 2014 and I hated it (you can check out the post I wrote about the experience here). 1,023 more words

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Kale fruit smoothie

I’ve decided to try something different – to expand this blog to all sorts of endeavors, rather than keeping a narrow jewelry focus. Why? Mainly because, three and a half months into motherhood, I cast a much wider creative net, yet still really enjoy documenting my explorations, process, and self-development. 297 more words


drink your veggies

I don’t get enough vegetables in my diet. I attribute most of this to the fact that I make most of my meals myself, and I rarely have the foresight to plan my meals when I go grocery shopping (which happens  88 more words