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Caramelised Onions in Barbecue Sauce

This is a simple sauce that would amazingly go with any grilled item. I served it with grilled paneer/cottage cheese.


Onions – 5-6 medium ones… 214 more words


Hearty Winter Soup

We had our first snowfall last Friday and I was pushed head on into soup season a little earlier than I expected. Now I had bought rutabagas and had no clue what to do with them besides my usual preparation and then I thought of adding this to my winter soup. 263 more words


Mock Meats

There are several forms of veggie meats (or meatfree meat or meatless meat or mock meat); from VTP (vegtable textured protein) and veggie sausage to Seitan (wheatmeat) and forms of mock bacon. 1,158 more words


Chocolate Cauliflower Gratin by Frederick Lenza (p.137)

Frederick brought this innovative dish to our first “chocoluck,” a chocolate potluck where everyone brought a dish made with cocoa and we all sat around eating theobrominated deliciousness. 290 more words


Pappa al Pomodoro (Tuscan Tomato & Bread Soup)

Kicking off our Use Your Loaf series with the phenomenally good Pappa al Pomodoro.

Classic Tuscan fayre. In season all year round, and happens to be vegan. 225 more words

Fruit And Veggies

Comfort Food Monday

Monday seems to be the least appreciated day of the week, especially in late Autumn. On Monday morning it’s especially hard to motivate oneself to leave the toasty duvet cocoon one has been working on all night. 325 more words


Bella Mushrooms Braised in Red Wine

This’ll get the job done, if the job is to delight and satisfy in dizzying amounts of heartiness.

Grown up mushrooms for grown ups. And veegs. 216 more words

Fruit And Veggies