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Pasta with creamy leek sauce and walnuts

We tried Marley Spoon again for a couple of weeks but in the end postponed it again as the recipes we chose were generally not a success. 474 more words


Summer vegetable soup

When you tire of summer salads, try soup! Now that seems like an odd notion in mid-summer. But…. High-summer season vegetables are coming in now: zucchini, green beans, sweet, sweet carrots. 209 more words


Week 3 - An Amazing Transformation Occurs

What’s this? One minute I’m chucking vegetable scraps in the freezer to save ‘just in case’. Next minute, wait? Is that? Vegetable stock from scratch? Hello. 204 more words

Plastic Free July

Vegetable Stock

Yep. Not the sexiest topic for a blog post, with ya there.

But here’s a thing. In the climate kind eating world that is Charlie Big Potatoes, the importance of making your own vegetable stock cannot be overstated. 229 more words

Climate Kind Eating

Tortellini in Pea & Basil Broth

This on the other hand is pretty sexy – a filling, really tasty dinner in under 15 mins. Yep.

‘Cheat’s Delight’. But you can see why we’ve been chippin’ on about the virtues of having homemade vegetable stock ready to go, eh? 157 more words

Climate Kind Eating

Chicken & Mushroom Risotto

One thing I recently got into trying out was Risotto. Starting out with a Chicken and Pea Risotto, I didn’t quite cook the rice for long enough and after getting halfway through, I had the distinct impression I’d cooked too much (despite following the recipe which was designed for one person!) It still tasted nice though :) 324 more words


Petits Pois a la Francaise

I learned this one from one of Nigella Lawson’s cookbooks, and for me, it’s something to make when I have left over lettuce.

It’s pretty easy, and a nice savoury change to just plain steamed vegetables (which we do a lot of). 174 more words