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Simple & Warming Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Soup

I visited a different grocery story looking for ground turkey for my kofta’s and to my surprise I found Jamaican Ginger and Tumeric. I have never seen either of these in the store. 385 more words


Creamy Courgette and Lemon Risotto

I rarely use crème fraîche in a risotto, so I gave this fresh lemony courgette risotto a try. 210 more words


Penne with thyme in a creamy Gorgonzola sauce

Ingredients (serves 2): 150gr penne, olive oil, garlic, 250gr mushrooms, 100ml vegetable stock, 175ml cream, 100gr Gorgonzola cheese and some thyme.

I never tried to combine these ingredients before but as I saw this recipe @libellelekker I wanted to give it a try. 81 more words

Masterchef @ Home

This is one of those incredibly good, incredibly simple recipes that you come across every once in a while. I had something similar to this from one of the Chinese places downtown, decided to try to find a recipe to make it myself, and then did a bit of a riff on it based on what I had to hand. 162 more words


Classic 1-Pot Vegetable Stock

I’m still surprised by how hard it is to get your hands on decent vegetable stock here and how limited the choices are. My local grocery stores only have chicken or beef stock (plenty of it too), and when I ventured out a little further and finally found some, there were really only 2 options and they were kinda expensive. 353 more words


Veggie Stew with Matzo Dumplings

When it’s cold outside, its time to be warm inside. And with my veggie stew and Matzo dumplings you certainly will be.

Just make sure the Matzo meal is vegan ~ as some aren’t. 362 more words


Lobster Sous Vide over Linguine with Tarragon Cream

I saw this recipe in a video a while back and I promised myself I’d give it a try… and then Sunday rolled around, a day when I usually have the time to try something new and voila! 281 more words