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Cooking tip #3: Stock

You might think that the only stock available to vegans is vegetable stock. You might also think that stock is only for soups and stews. How wrong you are… 388 more words


The Perfect Vegetable Stock: Myth or Fact?

Before you fall in love with the delicate nuances of homemade vegetable stock, life just seems to be missing something. Oh you can flirt with store-bought, with its enduring undertone of yeast extract and “natural colour”, or a quick, meaningless dalliance with stock cubes; but when it comes down to it, the first time you taste real, homemade, gorgeous vegetable stock, your world will be irrevocably altered. 387 more words

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Another Vegetable Stock

We needed space in the freezer, so it seemed a good day to make another vegetable stock.  Here’s some history about when this got started.  I usually do it outside on the gas grill, but the idea of having the smell wafting throughout the house was appealing.  31 more words

Jon Crispin

How To Caramelize Onions (Vegan and Oil-Free)

I’ve learned that there are many things in life that take time, whether that be in order to get the best result or whether that be in order to fully understand or reap the benefits of something. 504 more words


Cream of roasted tomato soup

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Mushroom Risotto

Finally got back to the kitchen cooking one of my favourite dishes too! What I love about risottos is that there’s so much you can do with the basic process for the dish. 550 more words


Veggie stock paste (RPAH elim friendly)

Being on an extremely limited diet makes me really anxious about having enough to eat. Making batches of stocks, sauces and meals in advance and freezing them really makes living this way a lot easier. 280 more words