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Clean Soups- Magic Mineral Broth and Thai Coconut Broth

I’m a cookbook hoarder, well hoarder may be too harsh but I love my cookbooks, collect them and can literally spend hours in the bookstore looking at them and almost always leave the store with at least one if not more. 504 more words

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Spicy Tomato Prawn Pasta | 21 in Feb

One of my favourite dishes to order at a restaurant or on holiday is some kind of seafood pasta. I’ve started making a version of the prawn pasta dishes I order which doesn’t take long at all, is ridiculously easy and is so super cheap! 297 more words

SOCCA: The best chickpea pancakes, naturally gluten-free

This traditional Nicoise type pancake is usually served as an accompaniment to beer in a bar. Made from chickpea flour and then baked in a huge stone pizza oven, they are served cut into jagged pieces with a drizzle of olive oil and plenty of salt. 474 more words


What TO EAT to stay healthy and lose weight?

By now we all know what not to eat and what to avoid to stay healthy, but what TO EAT to stay healthy?

You should be eating natural, unprocessed foods that humans are genetically adapted to eat. 480 more words


Google’s latest search feature serves up fun facts about animals, plants, fruits & vegetables

Adding the words ‘fun facts’ to queries for animals, plants, fruits or vegetables will surface a list of facts atop search results.

Google launched a new search feature today, … 132 more words


Harvest and lists

You probably won’t be startled to learn that I’m a list maker. Some lists bring me joy (condiments, books, Christmas shopping), some give me a sense of order (chores, morning and evening tasks, cheap family meals), others either stem or generate a rising sense of panic depending on how long they are, their timeframe and my general state of mind (things to do, people to get in touch with, jobs to be done in the house or garden, groceries). 513 more words

Vegetables vector, pepper collection

Download Free Vegetables vector, pepper collection

Vegetables vector, pepper collection

Vegetables vector, pepper collection
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