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So About That Snow...

So I may have complained that we weren’t getting enough snow a little too early. February went from having temps in the 60s to suddenly becoming the snowiest February we’ve ever had, and the beginning of March hasn’t slowed the snow down at all. 226 more words


Sicilian-Style Roasted Cauliflower

I love dishes that combine a bit of heat with a hint of sweet and a touch of tangy too. This cauliflower dish has it all. 607 more words


The Top 3 Organic Superfoods You Can Find in Today's Market

There are normal foods and then there are those that you can classify as “superfoods.” Why are they call as such? Simply put, they bring a ton of health benefits to the body as compared to eating quickly prepared processed foods every day. 361 more words

Healthy Living

Split Mung Bean Curry

I do enjoy curries made with pulses, they’re so good for you, economical and wonderfully tasty. I had bought a packet of split mung beans… 369 more words


In Sickness & In Health...

Being sick is horrible – I deal with kids’ everyday, I understand it’s inevitable, but it’s not just kids who get sick, it’s everyone. There are so many diseases, sicknesses and viruses that we come in contact with daily but our bodies fight off because our immune systems are strong. 540 more words

Spicy Popcorn

I love savoury snacks, and it has been really hard for me to kick the crisps habit. I’ve always enjoyed salted popcorn, but never really thought about making the snack too much. 265 more words



For over a decade, the red pepper was my enemy. My sister’s allergic, my mother, doesn’t like the taste and I just never thought to buy them. 386 more words