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The Unsung Hero: Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants

Can we all just give a hand for vegetarian friendly restaurants?

About 2 years ago I told myself I was going vegetarian. I quit eating meat that very second. 236 more words


Great Maple

5/5 croissants

Great Maple is a fabulous new brunch spot in Pasadena with good food, good coffee, and nice atmosphere. Located by the Paseo Colorado this brunch spot is a great new addition to the Pasadena brunch scene. 63 more words

CHOP 5 Salad Kitchen

It seems fitting that CHOP 5 would decide to set up in Columbus, in particular, the Polaris area. The stretch of Polaris just east of I 71 has been flooded with food concepts both old and new over the last few years. 359 more words

Vegetarian Friendly

Insta Recipe: Baked Samosa puffs

Samosas are a favorite Indian snack, almost like comfort food on a rainy day or a perfect party starter. A crowdpleaser, here’s a shot at making a healthy #bakednotfried version. 175 more words

Vegetarian Friendly

Insta Recipe: Vegan Massaman Experiment

In the world of curries, meat often takes over the dish. I wanted to create vegan curries with spices and flavors and 5 veggies that power a healthy curry. 235 more words

Vegetarian Friendly

Insta Recipe- Tangy coriander & peanut chutney

Chutneys are a quintessential part of Indian, specifically South Indian cuisine. Dosas, vadas, idlis or even carrot sticks taste great with chutney. Here is my all time favorite chutney recipe made from fresh coriander & roasted peanuts. 115 more words

Vegetarian Friendly

Insta Recipe - Dou Miao & Lentil Soup

Diving into the heart of a fusion recipe I tried today.

Chana Dal (split gram) with DouMiao (peashoots). They taste like a cross between baby spinach and peas good source of beta carotene, vitamin C, folate, and fiber. 200 more words

Vegetarian Friendly