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Green Gram Curry

Being a Tamilian from a family of farmers, Pongal has always been a greater source of joy and festivity than any other festival. My childhood days were mostly spent looking forward to the month of January, as it meant leaving behind the worries of school, and enthusiastically starting off the journey towards our village in the Thiruvanamalai district of TamilNadu, where the entire family would gather. 428 more words


American Chopsuey - Punjabi Chinese

I am a huge fan of Chinese food but I would certainly put a disclaimer that what I cook  has some desi twist and I better call it Punjabi-Chinese. 479 more words


Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal that is kidney beans in Indian curry served with hot steamed rice is an Indian (Punjabi) delicacy. My husband is from Delhi and hence his ‘Punjabi’ taste buds make him a huge Rajma Chawal fan.  322 more words


Maggi Party

When Maggi was recently banned, I was super disheartened. The craving for Maggi was at its peak. While in college, we would device these unique ways to cook Maggi (we weren’t allowed to own an electric kettle or cook top). 272 more words


Macaroni with Cheese and Herb Pie

This is an Italian main course recipe which combines the freshness of herbs and the smoothness of cheese and macaroni in a shortcut pastry pie. You can either make one large pie or many smaller ones which are easier to serve in a party. 325 more words


Bottlegourd and Rice Gratin

The term gratin, in French, originally referred to the tasty crust left behind in a pan after baking, which was scraped off and eaten as a bonus for the chef…

519 more words

Ney Choru / Ghee Rice

This is a very popular dish in Northern Kerala, specially in Malabar region. This is a simple but tasty rice item which can be compared to Biriyani. 416 more words

Vegetarian Main Course