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Giant Sandwich with Balsamic Marinated Portobello Mushrooms and Roasted Peppers

The absolut veggie sandwich. Juicy, meaty mushrooms, marinated and grilled, served on a bed of rocket and topped with sweet red peppers, fresh mozzarella and pesto. 372 more words


Rainbow Carrot, Taleggio & Hazelnut Tarte Tatin - A Holiday Recipe

Normally when writing for food to glow I have the radio for company, the mix of music and chat a metronome for my typing. But I can’t do it today. 722 more words

Cheese Ravioli with Sage and Walnuts

This dish is fantastic served as part of a festive dinner, as a starter or a vegetarian main. The sage works great with the cream and wine and walnuts add a tasty crunch. 178 more words


Lentil Curry (Dal)

This must be one of my favourite vegetarian dishes. The presentation might not be very convincing but the taste is amazing. You can prepare it in a flash and it tastes even better the next day. 195 more words


Orzo Salad with Baked Vegetables and Basil Pesto

If you are a fan of pesto you will just love this salad. Make it a couple of hours before serving time (or even longer) and the flavors will have a chance to develop more. 307 more words


Sichuan-Style "Eggs In Purgatory" Recipe (Shakshuka)

Sometimes a great meal is made by writing a careful list, driving to the store, loading up the cart with all manner of esoteric and single-use items, bringing in so.many.bags, tying on an apron, flicking on the radio and getting busy in the kitchen. 1,142 more words

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Chard, Squash & Goat’s Curd with Garlic-Almond Migas Recipe

My intention was to make a rather elegant autumn dish that could be at home with a bowl of soup, constructed into pretty piles for a starter, eaten with a fork whilst balancing a laptop and avoiding a napping lap cat (my default lunch position), or popped alongside a piece of grilled fish/marinated tofu. 1,068 more words

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