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Soft Polenta with Broccoli-Blue Cheese Sauce & Griddled Tenderstem®

I love broccoli in all its forms: the year-round green, fat-headed bunches (the only time fat-headed is not an insult!) – perfect for chopping and throwing in soups and pasta, as well as the more delicately-shaped purple sprouting broccoli that is so welcome come early spring. 1,144 more words


Mexican Barbecued Salad Platter with Avocado, Pomegranate & Feta Guacamole

At any given weekend, from now until sometime in September, those puffs of smoke and enticing aromas emanating from nearby gardens are as likely to be barbecuing vegetables as they are sizzling meats. 1,317 more words


Wild Greens, Chickpea and Ricotta-Feta Borek - National Vegetarian Week

Here at Food To Glow we are omnivores, but because of my work as a cancer health educator I know from professional and personal experience the health value of eating a largely plant-centred diet. 1,336 more words

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3 Easy Wild Garlic Recipes - Pizza, Pasta and Pesto

Well, I have been predicting that the end was nigh for wild garlic. Me (at least 10 times in the past couple of weeks):”Ooh, you’ll have to get out there quick because it’s only going to be around for another week.” 1,304 more words

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Open Lasagne with thyme, mushrooms and goats cheese

Our vegetarian friend came to stay so I made this tasty little supper dish which only takes about twenty minutes to cook and assemble. I didn’t have many varieties of mushroom on hand but adding interesting species like chanterelle and hairy little enoki makes a more beautiful plate.   228 more words


Naanchiladas: Curry-Spiced Vegetable and Lentil Enchiladas

As with some television shows, where an entire episode seems to be based round a joke that came up in a production meeting, this recipe was an off-beat idea of mine that grew into a recipe. 1,040 more words

Healthy Recipe

A Foraged Savory Vegetable Cake for a Vegetarian Easter

This is simply one of the nicest cakes I’ve made – sweet or savory. And it is not just the taste, wonderful though it is. 1,371 more words

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