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Another vegetarian pasta

The cookbook of the Green Kitchen is on my Christmas list. What a variety of delicious vegetarian recipes! Little pasta and loads of vegetables is my preference (not really the Italian way). 99 more words


Pasta with lots of vegetables

Our dearest dog, Pillo, is recovering from a real bad infection and needs extra care. Cooking and shopping is currently limited. However, never forget to take care of yourself while taking care of others, is a holy rule in medicine, and in life in general. 107 more words


green stringozzi noodles with creamy roasted squash and ricotta sauce

This month has been mellow and nostalgic as it’s often in October in Umbria. While still reeling after a summer of record-high temperatures, we have enjoyed a string of magnificent sunny days and Technicolor sunsets. 963 more words


Glories of the Garden Pasta


I haven’t posted a recipe in quite a while, but tonight’s dinner was so damn good, I really want to share it with you.   430 more words

We Called It Macaroni (Pasta Recipes)

Zucchini creamy pasta

There are times when one glass becomes two, then three, then four….

Then, midnight comes and you start thinking… ‘I’m hungry! Let’s eat.’

Here’s what we made (we = my friend and I helped): Zucchini pasta. 140 more words


Pasta with Aubergine sauce

I started listening to a podcast by a German radio station that revolves around all sorts of food-related things. One entire episode was dedicated to aubergines (eggplants for the Americans) and they featured a few simple recipes. 194 more words


Light Dairy Pasta for Shavuot

Shavuot – that festival of cheese, cream, milk and indigestion! Often, this one-time-a-year excuse to load our food with diary products results in lactose overkill. Instead of overdoing the dairy, how about a dish that’s light on the diary, heavier on the veggies and the result is tasty and easy on the digestive system. 525 more words