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I could be wrong, but don’t think there’s enough demand for a vegetarian restaurant anywhere in the states for it to stay in business. Therefore, I wouldn’t worry too much about finding one. 508 more words


When classic Indian comfort food gets an interesting twist!

There are some days when the incessant rain makes your mood as gloomy as the dark grey sky. The best remedy? Brave the chaos to head out for a deliciously comforting Indian meal that guarantees to bring out your sunny disposition. 389 more words

Best Veg Dishes In Restaurants

The most romantic dinner spot in Canggu, Bali

You find yourself strolling around the streets in Canggu in your summer dress and your flip flops looking into every cafe and restaurant. So many places to try, but where to start? 280 more words

My Top 3 Vegetarian Restaurants - Dublin


This popular vegan restaurant in the heart of the city centre has a well-established reputation for quality foods. There is always a selection of mains with my favourite being, cannelloni versions or a delicious gratin packed with veg. 689 more words


Top 20 best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants

Hey, crew!

It’s another great day to be eating consciously! I’m certain you’re fully aware that food isn’t just another means of taste bud satisfaction. It’s the very source of life sustaining fuel, that’s if you’re eating the right foods. 371 more words

The best vegetarian mac and cheese in Toronto

If the world was about to end and the only food available to eat was mac and cheese, I’d survive because it is my favourite food! 732 more words

SHV Official Guide to Vegan Eating in San Salvador

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$ = -$4.00; $$ = $4.00-$8.00; $$$ = $8.00+

* = SHV Favorites

NOTE: This guide is in Spanish, but we’ve included links wherever possible to make it easy to track down these spots! 1,598 more words