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The Beyond Burger!

Yack! It’s pretty much beyond horrible!

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Vegan MoFo Day 24: On the road

Earlier this month, we took a little vacation up to Mendocino, which gave us the chance to indulge in a classic American road trip ritual rarely enjoyed by vegans: the fast food burger and fries. 145 more words


The Impossible Whopper!

More from Impossible Foods!

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Keto Chicken Veggie Burger

The other day I orchestrated a Pad Thai dish to go with the lumpia we had ordered for a family get-together. (It was good but I’ll share that recipe once I perfect it.) I had so much chicken left, I decided to use the leftovers for these chicken veggie burger patties. 227 more words


Veggi burger and chips

A yummy take away I had on the first night of my holiday.

Veggie burger and chips.

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