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Meatless March: The Sequel!

Since last year’s Meatless March experiment was such a success (or maybe I’m just trying to torture myself), I’ve decided to embark upon the adventure once again. 227 more words

Veggie Burgers

Spicy Bean burgers!!

Hey y’all just stopping by to give you my tasty, filling and nutritious alternative for a typical burger patties. The powerhouse of this recipe are Pinto beans which are not only a great fiber source but they are packed with iron, B vitamins, folate, magnesium and manganese. 377 more words


Buckwheat-Feta Burgers with Parsley Sauce

Today’s recipe is gluten-free and vegetarian — a far cry from Paleo or Primal. So it seemed a good time to discuss my food philosophy a bit. 928 more words

Gluten Free

Veggie (and Fruit) Burgers The Way They Should Be

It’s taken me a while to put this post together due to wanting a variety of examples (and I’m posting this whilst not hungry so all the better ;-) ). 661 more words


Nutty Vegetable Millet Croquettes with Lemon Mustard Dressing

This recipe started out as a pilaf but there was so much leftover, I turned it into croquettes or veggie burger, if you prefer. Millet is such a great grain to use and this is a fantastic way to incorporate it into the rotation. 324 more words


Homemade Veggie Burgers

I’ve always loved the veggie burgers that I’ve ordered from restaurants in the past, but have never tried to recreate them at home. This was my first attempt at a chickpea-based burger, and it was a success! 92 more words


Week One; Day 8 - Weigh In, Rinse, Repeat

Nine. Point. Seven. Pounds! That’s 4.4 kilos. That’s fan-bleeping-tastic! Yeah, a nice round 10 lbs would have been amazing, but you can’t really complain about .3 pounds. 326 more words