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A hike in LA

I couldn’t imagine living in a different city. LA offers so many different things! I live 10-20 mins from Downtown LA and I get to watch storms roll in at the local park. 136 more words


Take advantage of mainstream veganism

As much as we hate to admit it, sometimes the bougie yuppie hipsters are just the constituency we need on our side to make something we’re passionate about more desirable. 318 more words


Veggie Grill Rolls Out Its New "Mindful Living" Menu

Just in time for all those flagging New Year’s resolutions, Veggie Grill has rolled out its new “Mindful Living” menu.  The concept is a focus on items that are “lower in calories, high in protein, nutrient dense, energy packed, and flavor-full”.  25 more words


Eat your veggies and enjoy them at the Veggie Grill (plus how to enjoy their savings deals!)

My family doesn’t eat out very often and when we want to it is such a challenge due to dietary restrictions and allergies. I had to researched fast food and well nothing was really safe or very healthy anyways. 415 more words

Deals And Tips

tres fish tacos

From Veggie Grill in LA “tres fish tacos” rule.


Vegan Friendly Restaurants

crispy chickin' plate

Veggie Grill in Los Angeles is the first place I stop at when I land. This crispy chickin’ plate with kale and cauli mash is my favorite thing to order. 19 more words

Vegan Friendly Restaurants

Is Vegan Food the Hottest Food Sector?

I found an interesting article on LinkedIn by digital marketer – for, among other things, vegan restos – Shadi Khattab titled The Hottest Food Sector: Vegan Food… 534 more words