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Maple Glazed Bacon Wrapped Carrots 

Again, I recall seeing something like this,  probably on pinterest 😳.  It sounded interesting so I made it with the Fajita Chicken last night.

Sandie… 143 more words

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Breakfast Enchiladas 

I think I saw something like this on Facebook but I can’t seem to find the actual post right now.  It looked so good though that I still wanted to try it for Saturday breakfast. 332 more words

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Broccoli,  Cheese & Potatoes Ranch Casserole 

I have been so busy moving furniture to make room for a new couch at our place and doing some sewing, that I have barely had time to properly cook, let alone post :(  Last night I did something different, that was fast and easy to prepare if you are in a hurry.  234 more words

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Chopsuey with Misua noodles

Chopsuey was one of the cuisine that we adapted from the Chinese when they started migrating in the Philippines. The Filipinos was introduced to their cuisines as well and start combining the usual Filipino dishes with the Chinese twist. 270 more words

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Veggie Lasagna

Kim brought a veggie lasagna up to our place a while back for dinner. I can’t remember if it was for my birthday or for Mother’s Day, but it was delicious. 596 more words

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5 easy steps how to be healthier

Fitness. Workout. Organic, Bio, Green food. You know about all these good things that you should do for your body. You want to be healthy, strong.. 515 more words


Four meat-free meals for meat eaters

Last week Danielle Martin wrote a great post about her transition to vegetarianism, and the challenges she has received about her choices. I thought I’d put together a follow-on post with some meat-free recipe ideas to: 650 more words

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