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Tofu lentil veggie scramble

I love making big, extravagant, visually-pleasing meals… but not all the time. Most of the time I just want something quick and easy, but still healthy and full of flavor. 354 more words


Exercise. Ex-cer-cise. Ex-ar-cise. Eggs-are-sides...for veggies! Veggies! (And coconut bacon)

So I found out that I am taking this Smart Start Program to the umpteenth level – I am going full force Whole30 (as a vegetarian, sticking to the no legumes/quinoa rule) and that is not required of me (proof in point: I was handed a box of… 974 more words


Quick-Fix Lean Meal Idea 1: Egg-Veggie Scramble with Pasta Sauce

For most of us, what makes home-cooking sustainable are easy-to-follow templates. One such time-tested format is an egg and veggie scramble. While the prospect of scrambled eggs may tempt you into dialing those buttons and ordering that pizza, remember that an egg and veggie scramble can be dressed up easily. 229 more words

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Breakfast Quinoa, Egg White, and Veggie Scramble - Nutrition facts included

Sorry I don’t have a picture for this one.

This dish is packed with protein and complex carbs to start the day off right. You can add, or substitute ingredients on here, but I just used what I had on hand. 142 more words

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Pin Real Life: Veggie Scramble

There’s Pinterest, and then there’s real life. There are farm fresh eggs and vegetable gardens, and then there are potatoes sprouting limbs and eggs about to expire. 165 more words


Day 189. Meatless Monday: Veggie scramble

Meatless Monday lives!

Well, kinda, it only lives when I think of something to post. And recently I’ve been very bad at trying new recipes. This recipe is actually a spin on the… 285 more words

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