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Breakfast Green Shake

Hi again, Alvin here with a Recipe Segment for this week’s food post. For these posts, I’d like to highlight recipes that I have been doing for a long time and are quite often eaten in my diet. 432 more words


Green Shakes

I’m a BIG fan of Green Shakes because solid veggies and I don’t get along. My Grandson has suddenly decided that he likes them too and as long as he doesn’t SEE ME add the green part- he’s down for an icy cold one! 152 more words

Recipes And Such

Veggie Power Juice

Remember how Popeye would drain a can of spinach and half a second later his muscles would begin to bulge? Think of this recipe as your own can of spinach. 82 more words

The Best Veggie Shake Revealed

Who here eats their 5 vegetables and 2 fruit a day? We didn’t think so. Unless you’re a Vegan or Vegetarian, easting that many vegetables in a day can be a lot of work. 17 more words


Veggies in a Creative Way

For a while I was NOT getting my veggies. This summer and fall I had a rigorous work schedule and my eating habits got whacky, to say the least. 1,412 more words