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Emergency car repair services that removes your stress on the way

Think of a situation where you are driving your loved car and suddenly the car stops in the midway of the road at that point in time the most viable option left on your hand is seeking the services of an emergency car repair in Wellington. 310 more words


Camshaft Sensor Replacement

A couple of months ago our farm truck began having a split-second yet full hesitation while driving down the road. The likely culprit is a failed camshaft sensor which sends information about the camshaft speed to the vehicle’s electronic control module.   151 more words

Car repair services that keep your car healthy

It is a common fact that if you have a car of your own then it requires a professional attention to maintain its seamlessness and efficiency of performance. 321 more words


Free Winter Tires On Rims? What Gives?

So your dealer says the Tires on Rims are free – but are they?  Here at Loch Lomond Mitsubishi your free winter tires on rims are at no charge to you, in fact, we incur the cost here at the dealer level.  276 more words

Rotate Your Tires Every Five Thousnad Miles

Dylan Bruce Drago – How often should you turn tires?

You must revolve your tires every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. Nonetheless, each supplier has actually recommended tire turning intervals provided in their proprietor’s guidebook, depending on the car’s layout and purpose. 487 more words

Dylan Bruce Drago

Useful sites for information

When I started my course I was told the best book to buy was a Hilliers, Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology.  So in July 2015 I bought it at a cost of £22 and if I’m completely honest, when it first arrived it wasn’t massively useful. 339 more words


Spray Painter - Queensland

Large purpose built accident repair facility require two experienced Automotive Spray Painters and two experienced Panel Beaters.

To apply it is essential you can meet the following criteria: 191 more words

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