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Audi Diesel 3.0 Settlement Status

It’s July 24th and still no word on what the Audi TDI 3.0 Settlement will be. Late last month Audi started telling everyone they would have this solved, it’s in the bag, no problem, we’ll fix your 3.0 and send you on your merry way, most likely with no settlement. 20 more words


#1006: Battle Tank



Masters of the Universe was one of the pinnacles of ’80s toylines.  It had all the trappings: gimmicky figures, wacky action features, play sets, and, yes, lots of vehicles for the figures to make use of.   458 more words


Cars - Late Model & Concept

Here we go – installment #2 of my mega-collage of vehicles! Today my focus is on late model and concept cars… the here & now and the future all at once! 18 more words

Classic Cars Collage

Welcome to the first of a series of collages of vehicles. This theme just had way too many photos to choose from and too many categories of vehicles so I’m going to chop it into pieces… Cars – Classic, Cars – Late Model & Concept, Cars – Kits/Custom/3 Wheels, Trucks and Such, Motorcycles – Cruisers, Motorcycles – Sport/Concept, Motorcycles – Choppers/3 Wheels/Custom. 83 more words


Ukraine Maxicards from Alexandra

Another stunning envelope full of maxicards and two beautiful minisheets :) Thanks Alexandra; I love them!


Ghostbusters Ecto-1 + 2 (75828) Review

Finally! The new incarnation* of the 1984 movie is now in the cinemas! And while the new all-female team are currently hunting ghosts on the big 3D screen, their minifigure-sized versions have shown up at the Littleworlds HQ for a review! 1,392 more words


Transport and the Environment

The rate of CO2 from the transport sector is approximately at 25% !

The transportation industry has produced up to 997,000 tons of CO2 in 2014, equivalent to 25% of the energy sector. 645 more words