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Veil Dance Workshop Coming in June!

tribal gives us music freedom!

One of the BEST things about Tribal Improv belly dancing is you can change the music whenever you want! Sometimes my students bring me songs to check out so we get a wide variety of styles that way. 115 more words

Veil Dancing

not like we planned it, but just as good!

Mixed levels! Always a challenge, and only more so in a performance, when “stuff happens” and everyone’s excitement level is already high. We had the unexpected happen onstage recently, but my students rocked it anyway! 386 more words

Group Improv

Tribal Veils in action!

You would not believe (unless you’re a bellydancer!) what a workout you get by dancing with a veil! Especially in a group, doing follow-the-leader! Not only is it challenging to keep up with the leader, but when YOU are the leader you better be on your toes, so to speak… those veils are always moving. 171 more words

Group Improv

six Veil Combos for Tribal Improv

Yes I was hot, yes I was sweaty, but I did it anyway! The Veil Combinations are on video ready for viewing on my YouTube channel… 312 more words

Group Improv

taste of tribal for a local studio show

The local dance studio where I teach a morning Bellydance Basics class is having a Holiday show and invited me to perform. Solos are great but I want to showcase my students so I’m bringing four of my advanced dancers along for the fun. 364 more words


how we arranged our bellydance demo for the bridal store

At our “Bridal Bellydance Party” demo in Fredericksburg Saturday, it was one of those “we’ll figure it out when we get there” situations, where you walk into your venue and decide how to do your show based on the performance space. 394 more words

Group Improv