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Bulgaria. More barbarians and beaches

Veliko Tarnovo, Day 50, Varna Day 51-53

It is good to be back on (train) track. Traveling by train means traveling slow, visiting countryside in a relative comfort that allows you to watch the world pass by and sometimes make interesting connections with the people surrounding you. 248 more words

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[Travel Info] Nighttime border crossings...Turkey / Bulgaria

From Istanbul to Veliko Tarnovo, Night 49

Any resemblance with any story previously told on this blog like this one would not be plagiarism but pure coincidence or due to naivety from the author… 422 more words

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Veliko Tarnovo

Before Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo was the capital of Bulgaria. This was in the middle ages and no wonder the town is such an… 173 more words


Hadji Nikoli Inn

Less than three hours from Sofia, in Veliko Tarnovo, is the Hadji Nikoli Inn. This is where we went for dinner on… 87 more words

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Where was I?

Hello lovely readers and thank you for a warm welcome <3
Where do I start? Remember when I decided to change my blog to a more serious blog, as in lifestyle blog and I wanted to share my spiritual journey, my beliefs and my experiences? 646 more words

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Veliko Tarnovo-Transfiguration monastery

As I mentioned before we found a travel mate Tommaso and together we rent a car to visit some other places nearby Veliko Tarnovo. Actually we had some difficult time finding a renting place, we first asked the receptionist of Tommaso’s hotel, but he completely cut us off saying that how’s he’s supposed to know… So we asked a taxi driver and he took us to the place which was about 5/8mins away from the city centre. 135 more words


Plovdiv-Veliko Tarnovo

We spent few days in my home city Plovdiv and after that we left for Veliko Tarnovo. We were so excited and happy, but our happiness ended when we arrived at the bus station… We paid 18 lv per person for a bus ticket and here this is kind of expensive so we and the other people that were going there were expecting a very good and a modern bus for long distance travels. 288 more words