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A fost acesta un imperiu vlah la sud de Dunăre?

Avem puternice rădăcini culturale sud-dunărene şi o istorie comună şi neîntreruptă de mai bine de o mie de ani cu vecinii bulgari, cu bunele şi relele ei, ca toate naţiile europene, scrie politologul român Sorin Ionița… 1,306 more words


A Hostel Situation - The Way To Ruse & Romania (Travels In Eastern Europe #13)

Two men were quietly conversing among themselves while sitting in a kitchen at a hostel deep in the mountains of Bulgaria. All the while rain played a percussive rhythm on the rooftop. 1,080 more words

The Balkans

Where I Will Always Live Forever - The Church of St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki In Veliko Tarnovo (Travels In Eastern Europe #12)

There is a certain place that has stayed with me for years after visiting, a place that still speaks to me across space and time, a place that I was drawn to at first sight and will stay in my heart forever. 1,064 more words

The Balkans

The Habit Of Premature Punctuality – Sofia To Veliko Tarnovo By Bus (Travels In Eastern Europe #10)

Many years ago when I first began contemplating long distance traveling I seriously considered going across the United States by bus. I mentioned this to a friend of mine, an art history professor at the local community college. 1,224 more words

The Balkans

Last Day in Tarnovo

(I was really confused looking through my posts and saw that I made this but somehow never posted it. The pictures were cute though. So I’m posting it anyway but it’s from last week.) 47 more words


A hot day and a rainy day

Another two in one post.

Yesterday, I went to the pool. It ended up being quite a hike.

I couldn’t believe there was actually a pool at the end of the park, but I was pleasantly surprised. 107 more words


An Introduction to Bulgaria

Got to Veliko Tărnovo, Bulgaria, just now, after a slow train journey from Bucharest. I had to change in a random town called Gorna something… After barely making it on to the right train, 15 minutes of the most beautiful smelling flowers wafting into the windows of the train later, we pulled up to “Veliko Tărnovo” written in Cyrillic. 242 more words