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On to the Capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom!

After one night in delightful Zheravna, it was time to wend our way towards Veliko Turnovo, through the winding roads of the Stara Planina.  The first stop was at Kotel, where we found a museum dedicated to several famous Bulgarians who hailed from this town, including a writer, an educator and a revolutionary.  512 more words


The Wanderings of The Wally

Being a cat, meandering and disappearing for a day or two as I go off camping, or travelling, is nothing new to the hooman. Although me not coming back at least once a day worries him, he knows that the chances are I am curled up in a bush, or in a tree, resting from that very large pigeon I devoured, or from chasing that crocodile along the river, or from exhausting myself from excessive snoozing. 1,572 more words


'National Black Cat Appreciation Day'. This can only mean extra treats

I have been reliably informed on Twitter that today is in fact #NationalBlackCatAppreciationday, which is apparently a thing. Granted, only one use of this tweet can be found, (H/T to @BlackCatJewels!), but I will run with it because I am a cat, and easily excited. 112 more words


Veliko Tarnovo

Pentru ca ploaia ma impiedica sa lucrez, o sa va scriu despre orasul bulgaresc Veliko Tarnovo.

Primul contact cu Bulgaria l-am avut prin 2010, dar atunci doar in trecere si noaptea, am vazut deci nimic. 282 more words


Island hopping and the wet

Another day, another meander. It was a nice, sunny day, and so off we trotted for another jolly out in the fields, and in the woods. 1,080 more words


Hunting Crocodiles & Wildebeest

Hooman decided that we could go on meanders more often. This was great news, as there were far more wildebeest, rabbits, moths, and crocodiles out there for us to munch on. 773 more words


All about Smudge, Marmalade, and the Wally (with a splash of Whitey)

When hooman first came to Bulgaria, he took two cats off a woman who was leaving the area, and could not take the cats with her. 860 more words