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Finished Velociraptor Concept

Here it is, my velociraptor concept piece! For now, this is how the protagonis of my pre-production assignment looks like, though I might tweek a on the design little over the summer. 18 more words


Thoughts - Exotic Pets - Dinosaurs

Wouldn’t it be great to have an exotic pet such as a Tyrannosaurus Rex or Velociraptor?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a pet dinosaur? 393 more words

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Sneak Peak: Velociraptor concept art

Soon to be finished I would like to give you just a little sneak peak on the changes I’ve made to my Velociraptor m. conceptual art. 29 more words

N.I.Y.T. #5 - Raptor


Designer: Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti
Players: 2 players
Average Play Time: 30 Minutes

So you went ahead and planned a game night. You invited all your friends, bought some wine, ordered some pizzas and set out a selection of great games. 1,597 more words


Welcome to Jurassic World...

The film that ensured thousands of Zookeepers recreated one simple pose.

This film pays tribute to Spielberg’s masterpiece. The constant references to Jurassic Park and the sheer greatness of this film, ensures that Jurassic World surpasses the poor productions of The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3. 522 more words

Velociraptor mongoliensis concept art

4 hours in the making, I’m really liking where this is going! It’s been a good while since I did a digital painting, so I needed some warm-ups before I did this piece of consept art. 62 more words

Velociraptor chick progress

Still a WIP, but giving it some colour I feel it’s come a long way since I last posted it. Despite I’m not entierly happy with colouration nor pattern, I still think it’s quite decent considering it’s my first proper concept sketch of a velociraptor mongoliensis chick.