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2H + 2B pencil
A4 150 gsm cartridge paper
15 hours

Wet and windy July weekend = draw raptors! (obviously.)
Jurassic Park blew my tiny childhood mind and the raptors absolutely stole the show. 44 more words


A little late to the party - Jurassic World review

There be spoilers ahead.

So last week the boyfriend and I sold our souls and a kidney each to pay for cinema tickets to see Jurassic World, while sitting on the scratchy green seats in the Showcase Cinema, which don’t have cup holders (first world problems) and like to fly all the way backwards into an unsuspecting person’s lap should you want to lean into them. 574 more words

Geeking Out

Why buy the cartridges when you can buy the printer?

I have been feeding a monster for the past ten years. This monster is an HP Photosmart 8150 inkjet printer that consumes ink cartridges with the appetite of a velociraptor. 300 more words


Dollarmite - Velociraptor

Velociraptor are back baby, and they brought their cracking tune ‘Dollarmite’ with them. The Garage Pop legends have delivered once again on the back of their self-titled album with an adrenaline filled, rocking roller, party stomper. 31 more words

New Music

Scientists Discover New Winged Dinosaur, Ancestor of Velociraptor

Scientists have found a new dinosaur that was large, winged and feathered—but probably unable to fly.

The creature, which measures 6 ft., 6 in. long, was well preserved in limestone in northeast China about 125 million years ago. 81 more words

Largest bird-like dinosaur unearthed in China

A team of palaeontologists working in China has unearthed the fossil remains of the winged dinosaur – a close cousin of the Velociraptor – which was made famous by the “Jurassic Park” film series. 7 more words