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Hello. Meet Raptor Steve.

I have a mascot, and his name is Raptor Steve.

Steve has his own perch in my sewing room, where he currently guards the thread rack and is generally awesome.



Hi, my name’s Arabella. I’m six years old and very beautiful. My two legs are long and slender, my eyes are bright, I can purr like a cat. 497 more words

Old Kauai/New Kauai

Dinosaurs with Feathers: Scary or Harmless?

The problem with writing about dinosaurs, for me, is whether or not they have feathers.  On the one hand there have been fossilized imprints of feathers on some dinosaurs, on the other hand there have been fossilized imprints of skin. 165 more words



Warning: Spoiler alert

Jurassic Park Trilogy could be one of my favorite movies of all time. I remember myself able to recite every single dinosaur that appears in the movie. 580 more words

Play And Display

Nesting Times - Dinosaur Brood Parasites?

In the great evolutionary arms race to survive, thrive and reproduce many animals cheat. Consider the cuckoo for example. They are famous for laying their eggs in the nests of other birds and in fact this strategy, called brood parasitism, is found in many animal groups from… 1,090 more words


Toy Story

I have often been critical of just how little imagination is needed by kids to play with modern toys.  They come with all the bells and whistles – dolls that talk/cry and have all the bodily functions, dinosaurs that walk, and roar all on their own. 248 more words

Wooden Toys

Go fetch my Margaritas, Rex

And se tem coisa que eu gosto mucho são fanarts, principalmente sobre filmes e séries. Já aconteceu há muitos anos atrás, época que eu ainda era uma escrava corporativa e quando a nete era dificilmente bloqueada “na firma” , euzinha, na maior cara-de-pau, ao invés de trabalhar, ficava horas caçando fanarts no google (que na época era bem pobrinho, que dó do Gugo…). 303 more words

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