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The Right to... Theropod Arms

Been sort of busy the past two weeks or so and haven’t been able to post unfortunately. But, it’s Dinovember and it would be a shame if I let this pass me by. 162 more words


Jurassic Nail Polish

I wanted to make some fan art for the Jurassic Park franchise, but with a naturalistic tone like you would see in more serious paleo art. 28 more words



I took a helicopter ride over Manawaiopuna Falls (also called Jurassic Park Falls) while I was in Kauai with my family. This is what popped into my head when I thought of dinosaurs and Hawaii.

Ok Crazy Lady

Jeremy Neale - Getting The Team Back Together: Rolling Stone

I wrote about the solo debut from Jeremy Neale, erstwhile Velociraptor frontman/pop impresario for Rolling Stone. You can read about it right here.

Hint: the album’s really, really, really good


Saturday Afternoon Sweet Tea

So I’m a few hours late this Saturday, and the time just doesn’t feel right for coffee. I’m glad you came, though! Can I offer you some sweet tea or water? 438 more words


Intermission after Mexico...more inspiration for "Paleoart".

And this time for real… No helping Diplodocus restorations, no talks, no scientific accuracy… only  surrealism. Hope you can excuse indulging once again in my taste for Pre-hispanic Art and the fact that I keep turning  to use its influence for some of my own paleo-interests . 343 more words