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Day 187

Someone is not happy with mom being the boss… This is your stink-face.  It’s usually accompanied by velociraptor cries.


[VIDEO] The Future of Remote Work Is Telerobotics

Students at The University of Pennsylvania have created DORA, a robot that both mimics the movements of and sends visual information to a virtual reality… 30 more words


Dinosaur Hunting in the Badlands

“Phil, I think I’ve got something different,” says Lee Treloar, budding dinosaur hunter. She points to a bit of blackish bone gleaming in the sun-baked bentonite clay. 946 more words

The Amazing Art of Timewatch

Recently I noticed a new GUMSHOE system game coming out from Pelgrane Press called Timewatch. I was intrigued by the initial premise of basically being time traveling police officers, whose duty was to restore time to its rightful place by fixing the villainous schemes of different individuals. 181 more words


Are Birds Dinosaurs?

“Dinosaurs were reptiles that first appeared 230 million years ago and ruled the Earth for 160 million years. They evolved into diverse groups that flourished and became extinct at various points in time. 294 more words

Funny Friday

Happy Friday!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Again, image not mine, found in a google search.  

The Views Of Me

Raptor Resting

Raptor Resting

This is a very old piece I started early last year. I’m not entirely happy about it but I liked it too much to not finish it. 50 more words