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Comedy sometimes troubles me...

Just back from a Dinosaur Society weekend at the Wetland Centre in Barnes. I had workshops and couldn’t go to all the talks, but I was surprised that Friday, sandwiched in between academic talks by… 1,124 more words

INKtober day twenty-nine--darwin shrugged

what? only two more days of inktober left?? holy crap! nooooooo!

big sigh.

i love inktober so much. i’m not sure what i’m going to do. 89 more words

Ink Drawing

Jurassic Park Novel/Movie differences-The Dinosaurs

In the last two posts on Jurassic Park, I detailed the multiple differences between the human characters of the film and their original novel counterparts. Now, I’ll deal with some not so human characters; the dinosaurs. 564 more words

Wordless Wednesday: Dino Edition

Photo of a weathered vintage wood wall

Photo of a weathered vintage wood wall

Photo of a weathered vintage wood wall


Revamping old artwork for the rEvolution... and the Dinosaur Society!

The new exhibition Dinosaur rEvolution  is getting ready… and part of it will be revised and revamped artwork like this almost 20-year-old piece that is still valid to this day… only I had to add more information to it. 58 more words

The Raptor Squad in Jurassic World: The Game!

Everyone’s favorite Velociraptor from Jurassic World, Blue is now here, along with her sisters, Delta, Echo and Charlie in a brand new update for Jurassic World the Game for Android and iOS! 63 more words


Velociraptor mongoliensis surveys its desert habitat from atop some rocky outcroppings under a blazing sun.

I’ve always loved how Velociraptor’s name rolls off the tongue so beautifully, but honestly it’s disappointing as far as dinosaurs go. 52 more words