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Puzzling from A to Z - Vernon the Velociraptor

The theme of this puzzle was originally suggested by Rebecca Green. Thanks to Rebecca and to everyone who entered a suggestion or voted in the poll. 154 more words


The other day I remarked to someone as to how their day job designing games must be the coolest thing ever. In reply this person said, “Well you spend your time writing about dinosaurs. 158 more words


Live. Laugh. Love.

So much has happened in the last month. I have been a bad person not keeping up with my blog posts on here. Let me explain what all has come to pass in the past few weeks. 403 more words


National Velociraptor Awareness Day

This is one of your lesser-known days of the calendar year. But, I’ll tell you one thing that this day made me aware of… that the newly visaged feathery Velociraptor make me think of a psychotic chicken clown: 10 more words


Into The Raptor's Woods - COMING SOON


We have a new book coming soon! It is going to be the first part of a longer series that I’m planning to write during the summer. 24 more words

Carry Bonn


My third book, Seduction was my first book where I completely gave up on trying to be scientifically correct. I put my characters in an imaginary world where dinosaurs and people coexist and dinosaurs can talk. 42 more words

Carry Bonn

Meat or Mate

Meat Or Mate was originally one of my earlier drafts that I made a story of. I placed it in a future where time travelling is possible and flew my characters back in the age of dinosaurs. 101 more words

Carry Bonn