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DIY a lovely fall wreath with a woodland theme

I’ve been following the comments you’ve left in the The Inspiration Giveaway, and thank you for your suggestions. It sounds like several readers are looking for new wreath ideas, so let me introduce the beautiful… 698 more words

Craft Tutorial

Of My Princess Academy Classic Velvet Dress

Antler Velvet’s BenefitsThe Deer velvet is rising rapidly as the most awesome thing that took place in the community of normal medicine. It is known by the Asian physicians know already this medicine as an excellent one for offering someone superb health insurance and energy tonic.The… 305 more words

In Velvet Kitten Cage Rage Sexy Black Bra for

Well, this article isn’t about me or my kitten, it’s about taking better kitten pictures, and here are 5 tips for doing just that:

When anyone visits my home, they notice how well groomed my… 330 more words

tommy ton lives on.

I’m trying to distract myself from the fact that one of my go-to, always trustworthy, forever motivating websites has now been converted. Style.com is dead, but will live on in my heart. 74 more words