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Global Planning needs Local Knowledge

The reality of international expansion for any company is that the strategies developed for one country may be ineffective in another. The millions of people in untapped markets all over the world may in fact represent future customers, but there are unique and numerous obstacles presented by each distinct cultural group.   319 more words

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The Challenge of Doing It All

Anyone involved in Information Technology of any kind is familiar with the concept of standardization…if they are smart they are also extremely appreciative of it.  Several decades ago when computers and the networks and infrastructure they are now a part of were being developed and spreading across ever-larger areas, it quickly became apparent that without standardization in important areas like I/O Ports and the like, the growth of the technology would be limited by the technicians knowledge of and availability of the interfacing connections and devices you would need to connect them.   1,195 more words

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5 Lessons from the Website Design Trenches

I have been part of 3 major company website designs. Two went very well; one did not. I learned a lot about how to choose a designer and work with them effectively, how to negotiate the complex process of taking a website live, and how to get your internal team prepared for the effort involved. 732 more words


Financial Organizations Large and Small - Three Steps for Implementing a Solid Contract with a Third Party Vendor

The 3rd Edition of the GFMI Third Party Vendor Risk Management conference in San Francisco was a great success September 21-23, 2015! Attendees came from examiners, mid-size banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and banks under USD$5B. 788 more words

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Where Outside Suppliers of Business Services Fall Down on the Job ...

Quirk’s Marketing Research Review is a periodical I’ve enjoyed reading for three decades or more.  Unlike the articles that appear in other research-related publications that are more “scholarly” and theoretical,  I find the articles in… 309 more words


Maximizing Partnership Value Through Vendor Management

Vendor management is more intensive than ever before, thanks in large part to the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Today we take as many preventative actions as possible to avoid security breaches and risk associated with regulations like the TCPA, FDCPA and FCRA. 272 more words


Watch who you are working with

Your vendors can help you either grow your business or grow your stress. Choose the right vendor for your work.

In life it matters who you live with because they have a strong impact on your personal growth. 532 more words