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A sales pitch to business vendors attending the Charleston Conference

Main point: vendors should stay for more than the showcase.

Carol and I returned home from the Charleston Conference Friday night, after stopping by the nephews’ house on the way home for a short play date. 462 more words

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Why I will always have a soft spot for Georgian markets.

Going to markets in every country I visit has become a routine (evidenced here, here,  and here). Not only is it a simple and pleasant way to gain insight into the local culture but  hopefully I’ll also discover a new type of fruit. 316 more words


ALL NEW Ages of Sail Site

Ages of Sail has finally sailed into the modern age with a newly designed website. The site’s new modern look is all part of a push to make it more accessible to customers who are increasingly using tablets and phones to do their online shopping. 100 more words


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Ages of Sail just upgraded their website and is currently offering up to $40 off of standard shipping charges on orders of $200 or more. The new site is supposed to offer better support for phone and tablet users.


Salvaging some old work. I drew “Vendor” in 2009 and applied ink in 2010. I kept making the lines thicker and thicker, because I couldn’t get the outside edges smooth enough . 173 more words


Self-employed or Unemployed?

For the 5th consecutive year, Panama’s unemployment numbers are increasing – up to 7% – even in an economy which is touted as the highest growing in Latin America & the Caribbean.  1,299 more words


How to Make Property Insurance Tracking Manageable, Easy

How Certificate of Insurance Tracking Software Can Make Your Life Easier

At Electronic Tenant® Solutions, we’re all about saving you time and money. While much of our software is focused on ensuring your tenants’ needs are kept in order with our building operations software, the clients also have responsibilities to you when they sign a contract. 1,161 more words