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Lollapalooza Goes Cashless

Lollapalooza is rolling out a new initiative this week called Lolla Cashless that claims to be the first effort from a major U.S. music festival to use radio frequency identification (or RFID)-enabled wristbands for payments. 37 more words


Surplus food for the homeless

On-demand smartphone apps are known for addressing the whims and desires of the comfortable. It turns out they can also serve the greater good.

One lunch changed Komal Ahmad’s life. 35 more words


Startup turns smartphones into microphones at events

MESA, Ariz. — During a session on Thursday at Phoenix Startup Week, an investor advised entrepreneurs in the crowd that founders within the same family may have a harder time raising money for their company, let alone building a successful business. 7 more words


Is the smartphone app “Waze” a benefit?

I had never heard of this smartphone app “Waze” until I saw news article after news article pertaining to the controversy of whether or not this app is helpful or harmful to consumers and law enforcement. 40 more words


Technology leads the way

More than 300 event planners gathered at this week’s Meet The Future Conference to discuss new technology, with smartphone apps proving particularly popular.

More information:  6 more words


How your smartphone threatens?

When fans showcase their favorite athletes on Twitter or Instagram, sports teams have been enthusiastic enablers. But a new live-streaming video app is threatening to undercut one of pro sports’ biggest revenue sources: TV rights fees. 62 more words


Smartphone apps boosting interaction

Apps are rapidly becoming a big part of any major event – how does a developer stand out in this market?

App developer, Lumi, is making hay out of the booming events industry, using its unique brand of real time feedback on smartphones to provide insights for clients. 46 more words