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AquaFX - Leaders in Reverse Osmosis

Back at it again, Aqua FX will be there to show off their products and answer any questions you may have. Stop by their booth and they will definitely show you why they are the… 38 more words


Reefers Direct

Known for their awesome selection of corals as well as one heck of a frag tank set up, Reefers Direct will be at the show! Make sure you stop by their booth to see their display and take one of their amazing pieces home.


AT&T Boosts Minneapolis Area Mobile Coverage for Pro Football’s Big Game

Big news for sports fans from AT&T…

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 22, 2018 – AT&T* is boosting cellular capacity throughout Minneapolis in preparation for football’s Big Game.

700 more words

Check out Reef Bed!

Back for the second time, Reef Bed will be packing it up and bringing their best! With plenty of experience, they specialize in growing quality aquacultured corals, offer premium aquarium servicing, and emphasize furthering education of our reef systems. 15 more words


Liquid Dreams Aquatics

Welcome Liquid Dreams Aquatics to the show! They are known for their wide selection of high-end, quality corals, including bounce mushrooms and the renowned Speckled Krak zoas. 11 more words


Win a FREE Frag Pack from Riptide Aquaculture!

Look at what Riptide Aquaculture is putting up! Not only FREE tickets to the show but also a FREE Frag pack. Better get on it and enter for a chance at this. 7 more words