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Hubble Uses Gravitational Lens to Capture Disk Galaxy

By combining the power of a “natural lens” in space with the capability of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers made a surprising discovery—the first example of a compact yet massive, fast-spinning, disk-shaped galaxy that stopped making stars only a few billion years after the big bang. 7 more words

Miguel Angel Ortega Gonzalez

Marines will meet a 'swift response' if they dare intervene, says Venezuelan official

MarineTimes, By Jeff Schogol, June 23, 2017

One Venezuelan government official recently dared the U.S. to send in the Marines.

No, seriously.

Since late March, thousands of Venezuelans have taken to the street to protest the country’s socialist regime led by President Nicolas Maduro. 179 more words

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Media Distortion of Chaos in Venezuela

As Venezuela continues to spiral into dysfunctional violence under the authoritarian leadership of socialist Maduro, Jason Stapleton, host of The Jason Stapleton Program, discusses media distortions of the underlying causes in his daily show.


Here’s Your Guide to Understanding Protest Deaths in Venezuela

Demonstrators scuffle with security forces during an opposition rally in Caracas, Venezuela, amid ongoing anti-government protests. | Photo: Reuters
At least 86 people have died since opposition-led protests aimed at toppling the government began. 2,795 more words
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Big negroes dreaming of oil riches in guyana & the meek will inherit nothing

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Manufaktura Czekolady Venezuela Criollo Porcelana 70% 90/100

Porcelana or white criollo (different from white nacional) grows south west of Lake Maracaibo in the Venezuelan region of Zulia and is considered to be one of the best varieties of cacao. 813 more words

The OAS failure

In the past few days, the OAS 47th General Assembly has been the trending topic on media. The main issue to discuss: the crisis in Venezuela. 112 more words