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Amedei Porcelana 70% 95.5/100

Porcelana or white criollo (different from white nacional) grows south west of Lake Maracaibo in the Venezuelan region of Zulia and is considered to be one of the best varieties of cacao. 720 more words

#WeddingWednesday - Candice Pool & Casey Neistat Wedding

Hola a todos.

Hoy quiero comentarles sobre la boda de una de mis “celebridades” de Youtube favoritas. Casey Neistat & Candice Pool.

Casey es un cineasta y youtuber (el cual sigo hace un tiempo) que demuestra gran pasión por su trabajo, pero sobre todo por su familia. 143 more words


Ley, Moral y Cultura

Originalmente publicado el 2-9-2016 en Correo del Orinoco por la Red de Apoyo http://www.correodelorinoco.gob.ve/comunicacion-cultura/red-apoyo-por-justicia-y-paz-ley-moral-y-cultura/

Y, para que los derechos humanos no se conviertan en letra muerta, deben ser el eje fundamental en la formulación de políticas públicas, en las que los políticos se comprometan a cumplirlo a la mayor cabalidad posible y sean sujetos a evaluaciones y controles por órganos independientes y autónomos… 799 more words

Oil Slides As Iran Turns Down Saudi Offer

The Saudi “cut” offer that rallied crude yesterday was nothing but a strawman to enable them to pinpoint blame on Iran for the failure of talks. 529 more words

Oil And Gas

1424 Food We Hate

Katie and Gilda talk about the different foods that they hate.

Watch the lesson here >>

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This Isn't the Post I Planned to Write Today...

…and it’s not about last night’s debate between the two major party candidates for President, which I hear via my social media feed was either hilarious, infuriating, or downright scary. 348 more words


Water Swirls, Gulf of St. Lawrence

Orbiting above eastern North America, a crew member on the International Space Station photographed a dense pattern of eddies in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Caught briefly in the Sun’s “glint point,” reflections off the water surface show an interlinked mass of swirls and eddies in the shallow water north of Prince Edward Island. 6 more words

Miguel Angel Ortega Gonzalez