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Deer Chili

I am lucky enough that I can trade my homemade pepper jelly for venison from one of my coworkers. I don’t hunt, but she and her husband do. 200 more words

Venison Meatballs

Paul and I are avid hunters. In fact, this is one of the things we really liked about one another, and before we were married many of our dates took place in the woods on the hunt. 269 more words


Venison Harvest Burger

I redid this burger twice. I was inspired by hunting season for deer and the foods that grow during that time period. Super delicious!


Eating East of the Cascades

Tom and I are just back from a week’s birding trip to Eastern Washington. That’s the dry side of the state, protected by the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains. 385 more words

Main Dishes

No Nonsense & Natural!

After being super choosy and fussy deciding on the food to feed the girls, it would feel wrong buying artificial, processed treats that are full of additives. 649 more words

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Then... the steak arrived

Buenos Aires marked a new beginning. My partner J and I had recently reconnected so were embarking on a new life together. So when he phoned me up out of blue and said, “I’m going to South America, would you like to come with me?” I quit my job on the spot and gave up the lease on the lovely thatched roofed cottage I couldn’t afford. 1,110 more words

The Curious Cook

eat | barrelroom & larder

I’d been looking forward to our weekend away on the Granite Belt with our friends Renee & Daniel for months and had booked dinner at The… 479 more words