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Kitchen Hints of the Day!

Venison Cooking Hints…..

* Venison fat tastes terrible. It’s tallowy. It coats the inside of your mouth. It’s better used in the candles on your dinner table than on your dinner plate. 105 more words


Venison stroganoff

This is a woodsy dish inspired by the last of winter’s bounty. Game need not be expensive, and is often cheaper than farmed meats during the season. 335 more words


Easy Venison Chili Recipe

This past weekend, I cooked up a batch of delicious and easy venison chili!  With the cold winter months, nothing is better than a warm bowl of chili. 393 more words


Loaded Cheeseburger Dip

Super Bowl 50 today!! Although I’m still broken up about the outcome of the AFC Championship. We were born and raised in New England after all. 389 more words

Eat Like A Pig


Sauerbraten is a dish of German origin consisting of beef that is marinated in vinegar with peppercorns, onions, and other seasonings before cooking.  The name means “sour roast” and has its origins in the words sauer meaning “sour” or “pickled” and braten meaning “roast meat”.  628 more words


Simple Ingredient Meals

I didn’t do much cooking this week, relying heavily on simple, ingredient-based meals. When life gets busy, I tend to fall back on these types of meals, as much because it eliminates my thinking about what I’m going to eat as because time management. 136 more words

Solstice Seasonal Cuisine

Been hearing about this restaurant for a while now, so I was happy to get the opportunity to try this place with some friends. Located on 124 street across from Duchess, the restaurant isn’t very noticeable from the outside. 416 more words