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Pilgrim Thanksgiving - Foods of the Settlers

Foods the Pilgrims Likely Ate

at the First Thanksgiving

Unfortunately, there is no actual menu for the first Thanksgiving in 1621. There is some debate, however, whether or not turkey was on the table. 1,261 more words


Do not be afraid of GAME - roast haunch of venison

On the whole I don’t like game, but my husband really does, so in an effort to buy something that might please us both I asked my butcher*, “Can you tell me what is the least gamey sort of game?”. 599 more words

My "Deer", I Love You

Tonight’s menu included chicken fried venison with gravy, sauteed cabbage and Basmati rice – yummo!


Slow Cooker Venison & Bean Chili

One of my favorite venison dishes will warm your insides on those cold chilly nights after an all day hunt.  My family has used this recipe for many years and I would love to share it with you.  204 more words


{21 Day Fix} Shepherds Pie

I love casseroles! I know they tend to not be super good for you but I can’t help it. They’re some of my favorite dishes. Try this healthier version of a classic comfort food. 145 more words

On The Menu, First Thanksgiving Meal

The feast, held in 1621 at the Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts, was very different from the Thanksgiving dinner that we enjoy today. It went on for three whole days, and the colonists and their Native guests probably didn’t sit at a table or use forks. 478 more words

Interesting Things

Game On!

I’m reminded of that hoary old joke: ‘ “I’m game!” she said. So he shot her.’ Or the equally venerable pub sign over a low doorway: duck or grouse.  295 more words