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California Rocket Fuel

As you may have guessed by my last post, my symptoms have been worsening lately, to the point I was staring, once again into the big black abyss. 474 more words

Working Our Way Through The BNF - Pt. 1

The medication I mentioned in the previous post is that giver of all evils: Quetiapine. Quite why someone who has had food/eating issues and weight problems her whole life was given that in the first place, I’m not sure – and, of course, I’m not qualified to pass judgement – but still, here we are. 655 more words


Withdrawals days one & two...

So after reviewing my meds with my GP it was decided that despite the potential positive impact on my mental health the side effects are cause for concern. 303 more words

Venlafaxine/Effexor ... Answers on a postcard... 

Wow, this drug seriously is hard work!!

Iv been taking it for almost 4 weeks at the start dose of 37.5mg twice a day. Iv been way too scared to increase to the higher dose as advised a fortnight ago. 302 more words

Breakthrough Zaps

Started to have a little bit of that familiar buzzing start up again..took a 10mg Prozac yesterday..and one today.  Feeling better.  This breakthrough symptom intrigues me…it makes me wonder what kind of long term psychological and or physiological impact Effexor ER has on me?   8 more words

The desire to share my experience coming off Effexor is rooted in The Starfish Story....

The Starfish Story

One day a man was walking along a beach and noticed a young boy picking something up and gently tossing it into the surf. 102 more words

This is how it began for me...

Posted by: Jamie Robinson

I went through a very difficult time in my life about 10 months ago and found myself fighting horrible depression and anxiety. 265 more words