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Venlafaxine... 💊

On Monday I went to see a Doctor to sort out my meds. I am sick of being unwell and dealing with the symptoms of being Bordeline especially when some of these symptoms are treatable like the depression and anxiety. 413 more words

Call her Nurse Awesome

So, I’ve just demolished two apple turnovers and I have a bottle of orange Lucozade by my side. Husband has Lady smooshed up next to him while we watch wrestling (she keeps falling asleep and waking up only to get his attention so he’ll stroke her some more) and I feel okay. 724 more words

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We deserve better; I deserve better!

My last post about the aftermath of the EU referendum results was controversial, to say the least. The best reactions were definitely from my Husband – he said he had been laughing about it all through work that day, and my mom-in-law who sent me this text; 758 more words

Mental Health

Exactly two years ago, I was in this city, also with my husband on a business trip, same street just 2 blocks up. Two years ago I attempted suicide. 1,145 more words

No, I need a competent psychiatrist!

Today started out so well. I finished my second university assignment after being granted an extension, watched new Game of Thrones and got ready in plenty of time for my appointment with the ANP – Advanced Nurse Practitioner in case you were wondering. 998 more words

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Not again!

When I saw Dr Nutkins-May back in February, he promised that he would set some bits in motion to get me more help, monitor my new meds and generally have a bit more communication. 325 more words

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