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Venlafaxine : the end.

Thursday night was last dose of Venlafaxine, it has taken me 5 weeks to lower the dose. Iv been lucky in that i have not had any of the bad withdrawl symptoms that SNRIs are notorious for. 168 more words


Medication medication medication

Friday 17th April – 8.37pm or there abouts

I now have a week and a half of venlafaxine whirling about in my veins trying it’s best to find a place to settle.   340 more words






CAS : 93413-69-5

CAS Name: 1-cyclohexanol

Additional Names: (±)-1--p-methoxybenzyl]cyclohexanol; N,N-dimethyl-2-(1-hydroxycyclohexyl)-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)ethylamine; venlafexine

Molecular Formula: C17H27NO2

Molecular Weight: 277.40

Percent Composition: C 73.61%, H 9.81%, N 5.05%, O 11.54% 964 more words

It is still mental health monday somewhere!

This is a good start to the new plan, I blame the bank holiday, for making me think that today was Sunday.

I will start with the good news. 118 more words


April Already?

It’s been a while since my last post, simply because life has been a little hectic. Not much has happened, really, but its pace seems to have increased. 520 more words

More Personal Stuff

Dear Doctors: can you get me a pass for the Stirling @rcpsych event? maybe I could join your team

Letter sent by Email at 7.33am, 23 March 2015, to Prof Keith Matthews and Dr David Christmas, Advanced Interventions Service, Dundee:

“Dear Doctors Matthews and Christmas… 246 more words

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