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Dear Doctors: can you get me a pass for the Stirling @rcpsych event? maybe I could join your team

Letter sent by Email at 7.33am, 23 March 2015, to Prof Keith Matthews and Dr David Christmas, Advanced Interventions Service, Dundee:

“Dear Doctors Matthews and Christmas… 246 more words

Chrys Muirhead

Latuda / Clozaril / Venlafaxine (update / journal) 2.14.15

I just wanted to journal about the meds I am on maybe these things help others.

Some big things have been going in my life so this may not be a fair overlook of what the mix does for me. 166 more words


Black Water Rising*

“I think that I just don’t want to know if the cancer is spreading and a blow-by-blow account of its wanderings,” I say to Dr Stein. 355 more words

75mg - Day 1

Today arrived rather suddenly… and the I realised I’d been meaning to reduce my dose again. So that’s what I did… just one of the yellow ones today. 69 more words

Mental health monday. 5

My mental health has always been erratic, especially over winter and this year has been no different.

Around may/ june last year i began mentioning medication to the professionals that I see. 137 more words


Phase One Successful - And Phase Two

Well, I think I can report that the first reduction has been a success. I am over the physical symptoms and seem to be adjusting nicely mentally. 105 more words

Surviving Anti-Depressants

Surviving Anti-Depressants is the place to go for support, experience, information and community if you are either trying to withdraw or thinking of withdrawing.  I’ve been reading… 150 more words