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Questions about my Chemical Stew

This is yet another post about the ever-changing mix of medications and supplements I am taking to (try to) manage my depression. 1,096 more words


The Suicide Rats

Lately, I don’t think very much about suicide. It’s not that I have been beating down suicidal impulses, but simply that when I’m doing better, I don’t think about dying. 819 more words


Living in the same small town I felt I haven't seen in awhile. 

Day 21:

I have lived in the same house for the 19 years I have been alive in the same farm town. With a whopping population of 1,774 people total and a graduating class of under 200 people and a frontier styled farm town it should feel as if your town is one large family. 661 more words

Metronidazole (thanks!)..

So I’ve learned that 3 medications react badly with me (to varying degrees). I’ll expand on this post another day, because I’ve also had lesser reactions with other things, including food.. 597 more words


Choosing to come off Anxiety meds

This is my very first post.  I have never ‘blogged’ before.  I have battled anxiety probably all my life it just didn’t have an identity until I was in my late 20’s (I’m now 48). 431 more words

Bipolar Medication

This is my review list of medications I have taken. Not all of them are specifically for bipolar but they are ones I have been prescribed. 126 more words

Waking up

The last few days have felt horrendous, but they’ve been worth it. I forced myself to keep reading my old journals, and cringing aside, something stirred inside me. 269 more words