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NOTE: I am not a doctor, I am only writing about my PERSONAL experience with psychiatric medication, and other people’s experiences may differ a lot. Please see a doctor if you have any concerns about psychiatric medication. 450 more words


The Belt on the Door is a Sign

When people ask me how I’m doing, if I know them well, I answer, “Up and down, but much more up than down these days.” If I don’t have a close relationship with the questioner, I say “I’m doing great, love working part-time.” Both are essentially true. 715 more words

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Don’t mess with my Prozac

For those playing from home you’ll know all about my frustrations at psychiatrists. One tried to kill me. Another made me sit in silence with him for 10 minutes while he typed up notes. 300 more words

Preventing a depression relapse

The winter solstice passed a few days ago and yet barely a sprinkling of rain has been felt here in Adelaide this season. It’s been cold at night, for sure, but the days have been sunny and pleasant. 299 more words

Bipolar Disorder

The Devil In Silver*

“So, I’m reluctant to raise the dose of the venlafaxine,” Dr Stein says. We’re sitting in my psychiatrist’s office. The panther lies on the floor at my feet. 214 more words

Questions about my Chemical Stew

This is yet another post about the ever-changing mix of medications and supplements I am taking to (try to) manage my depression. 1,111 more words


The Suicide Rats

Lately, I don’t think very much about suicide. It’s not that I have been beating down suicidal impulses, but simply that when I’m doing better, I don’t think about dying. 819 more words