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Fox Or A Hedgehog?

If you could choose to be a fox or a hedgehog, which would you rather be?

Many people would choose to be a fox. After all, foxes are beautiful, sleek and cunning. 563 more words

Math For Creatives

How to Host Like a Rock Star*

*Hmm, I guess rock stars probably don’t host on their own that much.  More appropriately titled “How to host like a highly paid rock star’s assistant who is used to getting things done and putting up with unreasonable demands.”  NOT to imply in any way that any of my guests have ever made unreasonable demands.  1,378 more words

Day & Night / Sun & Moon

This week our focus has been what makes day and what makes night.  Students learned about how the earth rotates on it’s axis and this is what causes day and night.   90 more words


Sustainable Ag: Elections Held Daily

Sustainable Agriculture, ahhhhhhh, just saying it gives me the feel goods.

So, how do we define sustainable ag? um…. well…..funny you should ask….ahh…you see… that’s, ahhh….. 401 more words

Andrea's Adventures

Wondering Why I Blog

This blog is still such a mystery to me. I wish I knew what I was doing. I wish I knew WHY I write it. 746 more words


The Cello's Favorite Quotes

I know everyone you know.

You know everyone I know.

Our Venn diagrams are one circle.

-Walk the Moon

I love this lyric bc it seems so simply to embody my perspective on love and sharing your life with your partner.