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Infographics: Zombie Venn Diagrams


In continuing with my Halloween theme, here are some zombie Venn diagrams for your amusement.



Source: Murray, Making it Funny: 8 Hilarious Infographics, Scribble Live, June 12th, 2013, … 7 more words


Mutually Exclusive Behaviors

It has been a good long while since I’ve had the pleasure of engaging in some blogging banter with my good friend Evan Garner, but he went to the Greek in his post yesterday, and that’s just an invitation for me to nerd out for a minute.   444 more words


pony in the middle

I went to see my therapist Friday morning.
Mostly it was all, blah blah living my intention…love and gratitude and grace blah blah…my friend’s email…moral courage blah blah…changing my life and lives of others blah blah…love and joy and calmness and fortitude blah blah… 922 more words


Post Reading Strategy

This is based off of Alternate Text 2: An Overview of Cells.

The post-reading phase of a lesson is where students are synthesizing the information they just encountered. 363 more words

Unit Three

Venn Diagram

This Venn diagram is a brainstorming and organizational tool that I’m using to categorize the topics and ideas I encounter while working on this curriculum.


Venn Diagram: song writer

Someone asked me to do one of these yesterday, and it reminded me of one of my favorite music review sites, The Venn Review.  The primary difference between music and writing for me is the payoff: one pays the bills, one feeds the soul. 7 more words


Symbolic Logic and Sets Review Sheets Math 115

Click below for review sheets for Logic and Sets.


Solution to graded logic hw


Solution to another logic hw 9/2/16


See separate blog posting for worked out homework problems and information on the test.

Basic Statistics