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Practice And Collaboration

Today marks the 2/3 point of CreativeSprint.  I agreed to try this practice because my assertive younger sister told me I needed to loosen up about sharing work that is either incomplete or just nor very good.  130 more words



My thoughts are all over the place. I started a blog post earlier today about Jane’s social life. I kind of meandered around into philosophical ponderings on the nature of being an “outsider” in a small town. 514 more words


Classifying Triangles

We look specifically at 45-45-90 triangles on the first day of our Right Triangles unit. I’ve already written specifically about what the 45-45-90 exploration looked like, but I wanted to note a conversation that we had before that exploration. 388 more words


Venn Diagrams of Marriages

So, after deliberating for nearly a year and procrastinating for nearly three years to deliberate, I finally started my first blog and I started it with an awesome part of Speech, – ‘a conjunction’. 305 more words


Exercising in a Venn Diagram

I am not much of a mathematician but I do like a good Venn diagram.  When I was feeling a bit discouraged about progress with the training, a comment was posted to me, encouraging me to reflect on how few people actually ever compete in a triathlon.  462 more words

'Under the Mongongo Tree - Bush Gourmet in the Zambezi Valley' - A Prologue

Shortly after new year, Denise Landis, the founding editor of The Cook’s Cook magazine in the United States — the same publication that commissioned me to write about  438 more words


Just Write Already!

I have always wanted to write, but up until recently I have been unable to finish a manuscript.  I thought that it would be easy, I may not say much out loud, but I have a very chatty inner monologue and I thought that transferring those dialogues in my head to paper would be a piece of cake!   829 more words