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Venn Diagram: song writer

Someone asked me to do one of these yesterday, and it reminded me of one of my favorite music review sites, The Venn Review.  The primary difference between music and writing for me is the payoff: one pays the bills, one feeds the soul. 7 more words


Symbolic Logic and Sets Review Sheets Math 115

Click below for review sheets for Logic and Sets.


Solution to graded logic hw


Solution to another logic hw 9/2/16


See separate blog posting for worked out homework problems and information on the test.

Basic Statistics

College Versus The Military: Part One

Take this with a grain of salt because I’m just a high school graduate who enlisted in the Air Force but has yet to go to at least go to basic training and has never had the “college experience.” This is merely part one because I have not left yet, but sometime after basic training, I will release the most anticipated part two. 290 more words


"You ain't seen me lazy yet."

Venn diagram: Things I have to do today; things I have no desire whatsoever to do today.

Visualizing Emotions

Emotion analysis of text documents is an emerging area of interest. Closely related is the visualization of emotions. Emotion analysis is the next step after sentiment analysis. 1,222 more words

Font Visualization

Venn Diagram problem with solution explained

This is very good but complex Venn Diagram problem with solution.

The statement of problems: pg 51 problem 93

The solution with explanation:  Math 115 pg 51 #93

Algebra 2

You can't get there from here

In this series of posts I’ve tried to get across several ideas:

  • By Einstein’s theories, in our Universe every possible combination of place and time is an…
  • 704 more words