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Sets and Venn Diagram


A set is a collection of things. A set may contain your favorite even numbers, the days of the week, name of furniture at you home and what not. 416 more words


At the Intersection

Here is a poem which I have written in the form of a Venn diagram.

Odds And Sods

What is a Venn Diagram?

Who was John Venn? He was an English mathematician who invented the Venn diagram.  The purpose of the diagram is to show similarities and differences between two different sets. 520 more words

The Venn of Zen

I want to dive a little deeper into this “career” business.   I found this venn diagram and decided to work on one for myself.

I am currently frustrated and a little bored at what I do during the day.   316 more words

Whimsical Life Happens

Interfaith; A precursor to the acceptance of unproven religious ideas. (Face it, faith convictions on unproven ideas is dangerous).

Inter-Faith: Religious pluralism, or involving many religions.

I thought about people, their right to their own decisions and that you have no right to change a person or make their decisions for them. 673 more words


A few evenings ago, a friendship made stale by time, personal differences, and perhaps unexpressed mutual hatred wanted itself rekindled.

When one ages, he loses the patience to put up with people whose arrogance, loquacity, and sheer presence are vexing. 96 more words