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WorkShop 1: My Creative Identity

A workshop to get us to reflect on yourself as an Illustrator / Artist. Who we are and what we do. Considering out different working methods and think about limitations and aspirations. 16 more words


WaitButWhy.com (website)

WaitButWhy.com is a content website, not a blog. Andrew Finn, one of the site’s three principal founders, wants that distinction to be clear. And I think he’s right to push for that clarification.  733 more words

Justin Adams

What's Up With 2nd Grade?

I haven’t posted about 2nd grade in a while!  I’m sorry!  We’ve been busy and I don’t always remember to take pictures.  In the last couple of weeks we have followed a similar path as my last semester 3rd graders.  270 more words

2nd Grade

Venn Diagram of Awesome: What Environmentalists, Activists, and I Have in Common

A while ago, I posted this blog about how the life-hacking community has a lot in common with Emergency Managers (we both have an attitude of self-sufficiency.) Then I posted my perspective on… 538 more words


Extrapolation 101, Please Be Seated

Hi there Fun-folks, and welcome to extrapolation 101. In today’s class we’ll take a Rashomon style look at the different parts of the same elephant described by blind men, and see if we can somehow tie it them all together. 658 more words

Earth, Moon, & Mars Venn Diagram Activity

We recently started our Mars Unit and I wanted to have a fun/active way to connect our unit on the Moon to our new unit on Mars. 507 more words

Earth Science