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Furry Monsters Hate Raisins (Age 5)

The Activities

  1. Topics: Arithmetic, Counting: Book: Math for All Seasons by G. Tang.  We read about half the pages, solving each problem.
  2. Topics: Combinations, Venn Diagrams, Attributes:
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Age 5

Cargobot for Pre-Readers (Age 5)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Tallying, Counting. Book: Tally O’Malley by Murphy. In this book, a family plays a counting game where each person picks a color of car, and then makes a tally mark when they see a car of that color.
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Age 5

Venn Fairy Tales (Age 5)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Word Problems: Book: The Case of the Missing Zebra Stripes, “Henry’s Tale”.  We stopped to solve all the riddles in this story.
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Age 5

Reading the Comics, October 10, 2015: Wordplay Edition

Some of the past several days’ mathematically-themed comic strips have bits of wordplay in them. That’ll do for the theme. We get some familiar topics along the way. 819 more words


642 Was This Venn Diagram Made Correctly?

The first six multiples of 642 are 642, 1284, 1926, 2568, 3210, and 3852.

2 is a digit in each one of those numbers. Stetson.edu… 600 more words


MDM4U Homework - 2015-10-06

Today we did some more Set Theory. Your homework is to complete Page 271 #3-7.


Activity: Flexibility with Fractions

Description:  In groups of 4 students play several rounds of a game in which they generate fractions increasingly closer to (but less than) 1.  The strategies formed during this game are then applied to benchmarking fractions as close to 0, 1/2, or 1 which is then used to estimate fraction addition sentences.  25 more words

Proportional Reasoning