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Venn Diagrams---the most confusing math topic

Venn diagrams never really made sense to me once I got past the basics. I comprehended how the things that two different groups had in common went in the middle of the two circles and the things they didn’t went on their own respective sides. 380 more words


Something About Making A Decision

Style vs. substance. Performance over polish. Chocolate or vanilla. Pepsi or Coke.

In life there are things we must consider when making a decision. You could use one of those Venn diagrams to help you make your decision or just use a gut instinct. 125 more words

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Reading the Comics, April 29, 2017: The Other Half Of The Week Edition

I’d been splitting Reading the Comics posts between Sunday and Thursday to better space them out. But I’ve got something prepared that I want to post Thursday, so I’ll bump this up. 358 more words


When the bad things come - Reprise

The heavy feeling on your chest and it squashes you till you feel like you’re drowning without water. It percolates through you, with a sort of ripple effect. 647 more words

Reading the Comics, April 18, 2017: Give Me Some Word Problems Edition

I have my reasons for this installment’s title. They involve my deductions from a comic strip. Give me a few paragraphs.

Mark Anderson’s Andertoons for the 16th asks for attention from whatever optician-written blog reads the comics for the eye jokes. 986 more words


And Then There Were Three

Were it not for Word and my lovely editor, you would all know that I can’t spell. Neither can I grammar nor punctuate. You have no idea how I fret over the previous sentence. 882 more words