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No One Asked Me: Farting in Public

I’m a guy and I try my very best to not fart at all because if I did in around anyone, I’d be so humiliated I’d probably never come to school again or never go where I did again.

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Making the most of the weather

We decided to use the lovely outdoor facilities that we have at school to make our Venn diagrams comparing the Modern and Ancient Olympics. Each group also had to use a text to find some facts about the games and then present the work they had done to the others. 11 more words


The Ghost of Zombie Cat

Thank you David for sharing www.myownminister.com with Zombie Cat this past week. Hope you had a great weekend and am looking forward to more of your magical manifestation posts! 689 more words


Venn You Can't Get Along

Today is the Friday before a long weekend. It is the end of a long week full of travel, learning, fun, excitement wrapped in my signature overlay of anxiety. 629 more words

Personal Success Equation

Mathematical concepts we covered weren’t limited to typical math course curriculum. Another thing we talked about in class that was very useful is creating your own personal success equation. 579 more words

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How to know if you're a Real Adult

Mother’s Day is almost upon us, and as always at this time of year I am thinking hard about my role in continuing our half-baked species. 413 more words

French Toast

Vhen are we going talking about Venn?

Well, now is as good a time as any!  So I have to do a Venn diagram for one urology project that I’m working on and thought “Holy Moly! 144 more words