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Literature With a Venn-geance

As #Novennber rolls on, this week, we’re hitting you with some literary Venns*. Click each image to view it in its full size. Enjoy.

*Props to Kayla for the  9 more words

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The (Not So) Secret to Writing

November (and #Novennber) is National Novel Writing Month, or, as the hiply efficient call it, NaNoWriMo. It’s a time for writers to cast aside their fears, inhibitions, crippling self-doubt, and excuses to crank out a 50,000 word novel. 164 more words

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Happy Novennber

Earlier this week, I received a call from a man who wanted to know if he needed a library card in order to sit in the library and read. 138 more words

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G.1 Review

Get ready for the upcoming Benchmark Exam by reviewing the topics covered in G.1, which include: conditional statements, symbolic form, the laws of detachment and syllogism, and Venn diagrams. 18 more words

Daily Lessons

Picking my character!

I chose the DPS role because fighting gives me something to do ingame other than standing there and healing. It is fun to heal but it gets boring after a while. 221 more words

Decide on your Character Role, Race & Class

This activity involves posting in the ESO JourneyBook about how you decided on your character’s role, race and class.


There are three main roles in MMORPGS – the tank, the healer, and the dps (damage per second). 341 more words


What We Hunger For

by Roxane Gay, originally published at The Rumpus, 12 April, 2012

I am always interested in the representations of strength in women, where that strength comes from, how it is called upon when it is needed most, and what it costs for a woman to be strong. 3,420 more words

Literary Analysis