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For all your Facebook needs

Based off of a conversation happening online yesterday, I shared a photo of what I direct message to people when they decide to have Facebook fights with me about my opinions. 57 more words

Science! Technology!

I watch way too much Mentalist.....

So I recently finished a 1 1/2 month Mentalistathon. It was one of Phil’s favourite shows, so for Philvember, I decided to restart from the pilot episode of The Mentalist, and go all the way through again to the end. 125 more words

Need A Hobby/Job

Atheists Must Know Everything

A nice takedown of one of the strange pseudo-logical arguments for the existence of god (which isn’t even really an argument, just a way of getting you to admit that God’s non-existence hasn’t been proven to a logical certainty so that a stubborn theist can claim victory in the face of evidence.)


How Venn Diagrams Help Students

How can Venn diagrams help students? Give one to three specific examples.

Venn diagrams are used to show the relationships between different groupings.  In mathematics, these groups are known as sets. 

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Reading the Comics, December 2, 2015: The Art Of Maths Edition

Bill Amend’s FoxTrot Classics for the 28th of November (originally run in 2004) depicts a “Christmas Card For Smart People”. It uses the familiar motif of “ability to do arithmetic” as denoting smartness. 1,093 more words


Furry Monsters Hate Raisins (Age 5)

The Activities

  1. Topics: Arithmetic, Counting: Book: Math for All Seasons by G. Tang.  We read about half the pages, solving each problem.
  2. Topics: Combinations, Venn Diagrams, Attributes:
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Age 5

Cargobot for Pre-Readers (Age 5)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Tallying, Counting. Book: Tally O’Malley by Murphy. In this book, a family plays a counting game where each person picks a color of car, and then makes a tally mark when they see a car of that color.
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Age 5