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3 Tips To Marital Bliss

As I prepared my Toastmaster Speech on”3 Tips to Marital Bliss”, I realized what a challenge it was to make people laugh. But I must have done something right. 33 more words


Chapter 9

When he was a student, and before he joined the police, Inspector Pigshit had toyed with the idea of becoming a vegetarian. It was partly because he didn’t like the flavour or texture of lamb, and partly because being a ‘veggie’ might help him score with the type of girls who were into bands like the Smiths and the Cure. 345 more words


Possibly Evolving the Power of Speech

Let’s try something new, shall we? Like most things in my life, the original context to this is long-forgotten, and even if I remembered it, there is still a big chance it would make no sense. 605 more words

Original Poems

Lovely Venns

I was doing a lesson on LCM and HCF today and a student asked me if you could have a five or more set Venn diagram. 26 more words

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Six Development Measures: Venn Diagrams

Class exercise: six development measures placed in two Venn diagrams.

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Big Family Things: Venn Diagram Edition

Listening to: Songs about Circles

Reading: Older Blog Posts about Being in a Big Family

Writing About: Big family things, in little labels that fit inside of circles or boxes.