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The Atheist's (alleged) Nightmare

This is another one of those things that I didn’t think would be spending time on. A polite cute young Christian (pictured in the video below) asked both to the internet in general, and me specifically, if I would be willing to post something to refute some of his arguments. 8,507 more words

Attempted Philosophy

The Science of Evil

I was recently asked by a Christian who often comments on my blog to talk about my own thoughts on the nature of evil.¬† Since I don’t represent all atheists, it can only be my position, but I figured I would do that.¬† 1,263 more words


Will Venomfangx keep his word THIS time?

First, see this earlier entry:


That was then. This is now:

This was uploaded by dprjones today. See it and read the lengthy commentary he gave on it. 28 more words


If I ever meet Pat Robertson, I swear I'll kick him in the nuts

… and he’ll bloody well deserve it too.

Sorry about the lack of activity here, I’m coming up to my exams in Spain and it’s all a bit hectic. 959 more words


The creationist YouTube user VenomFangX, who filed illegal DMCA take-down notices to silence people who discovered he had acquired money by deception by duping a children's charity, posts one last video before closing his account in which he accuses another YouTuber of pedophilia

Edit: This story was updated on Monday the 11th of January. It has transpired that VenomFangX’s father Hilton has been in contact with many of the YouTube users affected by his son’s actions and has been working with them to help Shawn de-progam some of his Kent Hovind inspired non-thinking on matters religious and otherwise. 1,190 more words

General Blogging

VFX has gone too far

UPDATE: DPRJones and VFX have come to some sort of agreement. The details are here. Hopefully this will be the best scenario for VFX to end his destructive behaviour and each of them can move on with their lives. 1,267 more words

Batshit Insanity

2 Years On From Kent Hovind's DMCA

Two years ago, I looked at my subscriptions list on Youtube, to find a video about Kent Hovind, by Thunderf00t. Apparently, Kent had filed a copyright claim against the Youtube channel Rational Response Squad. 359 more words