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Bestow : Trust

Bestow. To give. To gift upon.

To those who truly know me on a deeply and personal level, you know that I don’t give my trust to anyone. 189 more words

General Nonsense

Defending Those I Love

I will go to the grave defending my family. I will defend my husband and my son at anytime because I truly, deeply love my family and thats what family does. 333 more words



Fuck you

Fuck your lies

Fuck your games

Your manipulation

Your desire to be the victim

You want another version of your ex

To keep around for when you’re lonely… 113 more words

Poop And Love, Entry 5: A Bad Trip

As I stated in the first entry of “Poop and Love,” a series on my blog, The Impossibility Movement, about my dealings with the chronic condition known as ulcerative colitis, 2,031 more words


The Flatlands

I’ve reached a plain
After a long and rugged spiral
From a heavenly perch

There are rows of grass
Craning for the sun;
Shielding the horizon… 27 more words


Here I go again on my own

So, he’s gone again. A literal last minute trip. I know its just a week and we’ve gone a month apart,but it never gets easier. Leading up to his departure i go into supportive wife mode. 340 more words


3.22 rant pt.3

I have had no lack of people throughout my life willing to help, listen, or support me; many very clearly sent through God’s specific orchestration or in answer to a prayer. 1,112 more words