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Just want to scream 

You ever have those weeks were you just want to scream at the top of your lungs to get all the frustrations out. That’s this week. 73 more words

Venting 5/27/17- I Just Need Help Sometimes!

Venting 5/27/17- I Just Need Help Sometimes!

I feel like I am the one expected to do every little thing at home; the cooking, the cleaning, just everything. 259 more words


Only For a Day

I came of age in a hall

No doors or windows, only walls

I drove them all away

So not even ghosts come out to play… 151 more words

Bipolar.... It's a part of me, not who I am

Bipolar. It’s the one word where everyone thinks you’re crazy. Where people see the mood swings and just see you as moody. Where people hear your stupid arguments over stupid, petty things and question you with their eyes as if to say ‘really?’. 243 more words

Venting: Dysphoria

Today’s post is a transgender one.  I’m feeling quite dysphoric today and if you don’t know what that is I’ll explain.  Transgender is a state of being; it is simply what one is and is not in any way a disorder or medical condition.   470 more words



Pissed off, bliss off, no lift off, until I get this list off, whatever that shit cost, write till my wrist soft, look what wit bought, cuz shit I’m a bit lost, wires go n get crossed, I can’t admit loss, bottom out hip toss, grip slip and flip loss, write to resist cough, while a sick mind twist off, hope I’ll be missed oft, more than pissed off.



The title of this post does sound a bit harsh but right now its good reflection of how I am feeling. I can’t stand it when a man can look at a woman who put her body through hell and high water to bring a new life into the world while also watching her old life fade away quickly and simply tell her that she is going through “POST-PARTUM Depression” 290 more words