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he hardship of anxiety on everyday basis (and venting!)

When you don’t feel like seeing any people at all – how are you gonna function then, when you have a roommate and she has her boyfriend over all the time? 513 more words

My Life

Another Kind Of Crazy

I was on a roll, the words were flowing, it came easier than it has in years. But it’s been a bad week, the flow has been plugged, it’s like drawing blood from a stone. 637 more words



A thousand guys better than me,

I stared into the blue.

Something about the colour,

something deeper there

spoke of solving problems.

Didn’t help me impress you. 150 more words



As per usual, sleep did not find me for the remainder of that night- or at least I felt fairly certain it had not. But lying there on my side, staring into nothing, thinking on everything; I swore I was awake when I saw the light outside the door blink out. 565 more words

7.20 free write

Do you feel like you’re living the end so slow

The clock on the wall blurs when you’re waiting without hope

You stand back and you realize In the midst… 321 more words

Angry and Visible

Ah blank page, how I’ve been putting off dealing with you.  It is time however.  Here is one of two blog posts I’ve been planning and putting off.   611 more words


What makes a bad mood?

Do you ever feel good for a while, and then that good mood you just had slowly deteriorates… And then you just kinda feel crappy? 427 more words