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This is a candid post about my family and I. I never really know how to start a post like this. I guess i’ll start with a list… 427 more words

Bad Decision.

I’m a 19 year old girl who doesn’t understand where life is taking me. Well I’m not sure how to really start this off. It’s 9:50 pm I am staring at a open book with meaningless words. 266 more words


Update: The Boy Next Door

For anyone that’s been following the thread of posts about The Boy Next Door (Ish), I don’t know if anyone even is, but if you are, I have something exciting to share with you. 882 more words

Evil Male Step-Monster

The evil step-father: When I was about 4 or 5 years old, my mother got with a man that treated us kids like absolute dirt. He would call us names, hit us, kicked one of us girls and made the girls in the house very uncomfortable. 977 more words


This is kinda tough.

I’m having a hard time getting started on here. There’s so much to say but it’s seeming to want to come out all at once!! It’s being one tough cookie trying to separate what should be where, where to start, how to word things, wondering if I am doing everything right and hoping I am able to keep everything discreet. 189 more words

What happens when you vent?

What happens when have so much bottled up inside, and you have no one to talk to? Now that we have social media our private frustrations have turned public. 236 more words


private schools and sports clubs

I don’t believe it’s worth
mentioning as I stir
and jab this plastic straw
into my caramel whirlpool.

But I think I’ll shudder less
if I pull at my ears. 128 more words