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Planning life has no rule

Hi Fellow Bloggers,
You know how life has a way of getting you to think/examine things? Well I have really been doing that a lot lately. 458 more words


Dating Sucks!!!

I don’t know what it is, but ever since my separation, I’ve had the worst of luck in dating. I was in a 12 year relationship, but I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to date? 134 more words

Story Of My Life

It seems like forgiveness is also being at peace, isn’t it? I’ve seen people who thanked their oppressors for the lessons that they’ve learned. They seemed very calm. 591 more words


can I love?

some nights, i feel so lonely. and i crave affection, or  intimacy. just another body next to mine, to hold me and kiss me.

i know im not ready for a relationship right now. 92 more words



Physically tired. Emotionally exhausted. Mentally drained. Extremely annoyed. . . . . Low key angry.

Naturally I’m not a mean person. I use to go off at the mouth a little bit…. 412 more words


I’m not one to get too wound up over the things that people say, but I need to vent about an incident that occurred last night or I’m afraid I’ll never get it out of my head. 352 more words