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Body memory

So many different things may happen when one’s actually paying attention to the body…

Everytime when I extend my focus on my back anxiety arises. I couldn’t understand it for a very long time, but today it also brought fragmented memories and suddenly it’s all clear. 234 more words


measuring up

I’m kind of sorry to be writing this, but I feel like it needs to be done. (I realise this makes it sound like the following post will be super serious or controversial in its content, but it probably isn’t really – sorry to disappoint. 739 more words


The Unknown

The Unknown.

This Uncomfortableness.

This strange feeling of forced hope.

This cause of insecurity and vulnerability.

I can’t lie. I’m struggling at the moment with this idea. 489 more words


Hairdressers... When they just don't understand...

Diary of a Mad PCOS Woman….

Just this past weekend after 6 long months since my last haircut, I had decided it was time for a change. 550 more words


The Wicked Game Of Digital Publishing and Facing Our Own Fuck-Ups

Years ago, when I was a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed journalism student, I remember reading an article on The Age website and, as the grammar Nazi in me would have it, picking up on several typos that seemed to me to be blatant. 688 more words


I Need Fresh Air

I just don’t know what’s going on anymore. I can see my life getting better since this break up, but it’s still like I’m barely reaching the surface. 634 more words


finding my own happiness

I’ve always been one who thrived on being alone. Having someone was never a priority. I’ve always been alone.

Life always ends up completing things full circle. 143 more words