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What You Don't See On my Face

Today I want to fight

I want to strike out and make someone bleed

To move fast and send my rage on to someone else… 338 more words


How We Doin'?

I saw this on Pinterest and it reminds me of my own inner dialogue.

I always tell myself I want to be someone my younger self would think is awesome. 195 more words

Word Vomit

Monday Morning Check-In: What a crappy week...

Good Monday morning everyone. Please prepare yourself for some serious complaining, if you feel the need to skip this post be my guest I wouldn’t want to read what I’m about to type either.   437 more words

Monday Morning Check-in

Well here it is, Rant #1

Hey World,

*Head’s up, this is going to be a lengthy one.*

You ever tried to keep your cool and the only way you feel to do this is by venting – well that’s me right now. 689 more words

When the going gets tough, the tough get going...

…to new places. It is truly no surprise to anyone who knows me that I truly dislike my job. I work ridiculous hours, get treated with disrespect on all levels, and showing the stress no 23 year old should be showing. 483 more words

i'm not beautiful.

I’ve been having a serious problem lately.

My health is fine.

But I’m struggling with the way I look.

Not my weight. Not my hair. 310 more words

A conversation on stigma

So much training is needed on educating our youths and adults on mental health. I know people still say the “R” word and think nothing of it, calling a bad joke “gay” and asking someone if they are “borderline” or “bi-polar” when they are in a bad mood or upset about something. 371 more words

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