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Something PROFOUND

We all rant and we all vent from time to time. Some more frequently than others. I would be placed in the “more frequently” category. But we all do it. 309 more words

An Open Letter To My Teacher

Dear teacher,

Thank you for making my life hell. After spending several nights writing essays on things no-one cares about  a varied assortment of topics, I have realized that I need to show you that I appreciate your efforts. 225 more words

Teen Life

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An ode to all our "delightful" teachers :). If you've ever been called "stupid", "useless", "hopeless", "problem" or in my experience "Do you know how much I hate you?!" by a teacher then you might wanna take a look at bookwormwithopinions

Detroit Hilton (back when I was crazy)

Back when I was in the Detroit Hilton,
scattered brained and thoughts so numb
my contemporaries and Nouveau Riche sisters
shuffled along antiseptic smelling hallways towards destinations… 323 more words


About a year ago, I graduated high school and took a year off to “work” and “save money” for future schooling. Well during that year I actually got pregnant. 155 more words



(…) he watched time passing on his wrist. It went slowly, almost imperceptibly, for it was a small watch and he could not see the second hand. 142 more words


Post-Rain Maintenance 

With almost 2″ of rain in the books since Saturday and possibly more this week, we sent out the aerifier today on select teeboxes. The intention was to ‘vent’ some of the waterlogged and compacted soils on tees to ensure they continue to stay healthy into summer.   67 more words


There’s been so many changes lately and I’m still trying to digest it all. My mind is very scattered and I’m totally out of it. With all the major changes at work along with my health, I realized I need to be much more disciplined like how I used to be. 543 more words