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The Idea of Marriage Vs. Reality

I can’t really speak for other person so i’ll just tell this from my own perspective. I hope y’all can relate though.

When i was younger, i would constantly daydream about what my future would be like. 766 more words

It feels like voyeurism("Gray's Anatomy rant)

Note to reader: If you haven’t watched the latest episode yet stop reading this post right now because major spoilers will be ahead.

Also I know that it is just a fictional TV show however that doesn’t change how I personally feel. 246 more words


What Has Happened To Freedom?

The United States of America was founded on freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the basic freedoms of life, liberty, the pursuit of happyness, and to follow your conscience. 534 more words



When I saw my therapist Wednesday he gave me a homework assignment. He even wrote it down, because otherwise, it would have gone right out of my head. 299 more words

A-Z Blog Challenge

I'm Sorry 

Can I have permission to vent today?

I apologize! I’ve been slacking on the posts. I wrote something, I just haven’t had time to edit and I have a list of topics to discuss but I haven’t had time to write them. 197 more words



I woke up. I’ve slept for six hours, wow. Be overtired, have a day off – sleep just an hour more. What an absurd.
But… I woke up and I realized that I feel better, despite it all. 313 more words