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No Hate on Sundays

My beloved reminded me to use this writing this as an outlet

I just need someone down for me like Cardi is with Offset

But that doesn’t have me upset, honestly it was a gut check… 392 more words



I’m just really mad about a situation so I’m going to vent here. Sorry.

I’ve had quite a shit family life. Even my parents now can admit this. 1,133 more words


I'm Too Tired (aka Being a Woman)

I’m tired of having to choose

Between who I am

And being safe

I am judged by both men and women

For wanting to be free… 228 more words



Mondays, how working folks hate you! We loved the weekend so much and now here you coming ruining our lives! Lol, thats how all folks feel that only work weekdays. 128 more words



I thought I had control

as I looked at you

and then I realized

loving means

being helplessly powerless

it’s beautiful


Why I Hide

I am told to compromise

Every day

That the world as we know it

Is inevitable

We must compromise to fight it

Accept being an object… 102 more words


Wife Intentionally Pushed my Buttons

We pulled up to a grocery store and decided that I would sit in the car with the baby. As my wife left the car, I told her, "I am just going to push forward a tiny bit to another space." 459 more words