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Rough Patch

In my relatively short cycling career this is my first rough patch and its much worse than I ever could of imagined.

Cycling the one thing that allows me to escape if that be from; school, work, family or just life in general is painful. 217 more words



If you could
See the flames
Inside my heart
You’d understand
Why your cold
Shall not reach me
Though you try
To shatter me
I will still be whole… 11 more words


An apology...I judged you,but I don't know you.

*Deep breath while sucking up my pride*

The truth is…sometimes I wish I was more like you…

You dress well, you always put effort in, you go for life, you take chances, make oppurtunities, you seem to have a lot of fun. 700 more words


Hey everyone, sorry that I haven’t been posting as frequently as I hoped. These past few months in particular have been very difficult for me. 617 more words


A Muddle, a Mess...My Mind.

I don’t even know what this is….its a mess…its a muddle.  It’s my mind. This really is all of me all on the floor.

Sometimes the people who appear to be the most organised, are the ones who are the biggest messes. 570 more words

It's Waddling Time!

Week 1 is over!

I managed to stay about 80% clean on my diet. I normally am the one to be my worst critic and very hard on myself but trying to break old habits. 375 more words


Grown Ups or Grown Ins?

First Blog post so of course why not talk about, DUN DUN DUN growing up. As a proud millennial, I don’t see myself “growing up” I feel as if I have the same outlook on life as I did a couple years back. 337 more words