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I’m having a silly work issue and no one believes me when I told them the system wasn’t working.

Even Josef didn’t fully believe me. Said he was playing devil’s advocate by suggesting it was operator error. 147 more words

Listening To My Life

Not That Kind of ManagerĀ 

“Will you always be here to help me with this?”

“Well, no, this is one of those things you really ought to be self sufficient at eventually.” 466 more words


First time blogger. Millionth time woe-er.

I, like my username, am a middle school teacher. I am young, and I am gray. No, not my skin. My hair. My 20-something hair has lovely, silvery strands streaming through the brown, and I can’t stop it. 122 more words

Middle School

she drapes herself in red, red lipstick, red dress and red wrists.

knits flowercrowns of razorblades and needles, and ties it all together with her ripped out hair. 13 more words

Ikke Kategoriseret

To the Fall

Another night on the cold tile floor

It’s just getting started

But I can’t take any more

It never seems to end

The cravings or the consequence… 183 more words

It's funny when people tell me my eyes are beautiful because I'd quite happily rip them out of my skullĀ 

Relatively few people on this planet know what Uveitis is. It only affects about 1 in every 5,000 people globally, and so the pool of people who even remotely understand it is limited to those 1/5,000 people and their sphere of family, friends, and medical professionals. 616 more words


When I was a new driver, the speed limit on the highway was 55.

But I was a new driver, and enjoyed speed. So I routinely went 20 or so miles over the speed limit. 250 more words