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Speak Your Truth

Why is *honesty* so difficult for some indivuals but come easy to a selective few? When someone conceal their TRUTH it cause internal constipation. How do you know that your TRUTH cannot help motivate others? 342 more words



Here’s what we are exploring today folks:
Things I don’t understand for $600, Alex.
(Jeopardy reference, for those of you who are confused). 

  1. People who, when making a right turn on a green light, pause for those of us with a flashing yellow (yield) on our left turn.
  2. 1,200 more words

Why I Quit Acting

“Last week in acting class, a girl started crying and everyone was jealous.”

-Me, trying to explain why I’m quitting acting.

I have a history with acting. 899 more words

Viewer discretion 

4 kids. 2 sections – Looking in the mirror I hate my own reflection. Suffer from depression so I’m far from perfection. Give me too much attention I will think we have a connection – message you daily- come off as a fool..show up at your job cause I’m scared of rejection. 89 more words


9.20 free write

Wonder what could come next

When living so disconnected

With all at a lull, low or dead

Will You honor my final request

Which direction do I wander in… 60 more words

A purpose

Hello everyone, I feel like I should introduce myself. My name is Destiny Johnson, I created this website with a purpose not to benefit me but to help others. 325 more words



Have you ever felt like a no body? Or that you are just a blob in this world? Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, floating in the breeze trying to start again? 514 more words

Therapeutic Venting