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Life's a roller coaster. Go with it and don't jump out half way around!

Well, it’s been a while… and, as what usually happens when time passes, many things have happened! Some good, some bad, some I’ve just done my best to ignore. 1,061 more words

Why isn't this love?

Right then, where to start…

I’ve never been a person with many guy friends. Throughout high school, I had a grand total of one. In university (for the four years that I was in it in Canada) there were two. 1,626 more words


Whose Lives Matter?

Can we please… please… please for the love of god stop acting like we have no idea why Blacks in this nation are pissed off? Are these White Americans who are so vehemently against and threatened by the notion that their ancestors were wrong, that blind? 729 more words


It's not safe

All I know is, it’s not safe here :(


I'm Cursed

Okay so today’s post won’t be like anything I’ve done before. Today I’m going to vent to avoid giving in to depression.

First let me say, I’m sorry. 348 more words

Content & Content

https://unchartedblogdotorg.wordpress.com/2015/09/03/its-six-sentence-story-time/  As always, Ivy has served up a great cue:  “Content”.  Click the link to learn more about 6-Sentence Stories and read other great posts. 87 more words

6-Sentence Stories

I keep deleting my memories

These posts might as well be.
The last two months were interesting.

But I’ve found I’m unfulfilled, & still sick. Sicker than ever.

My stupid disease is causing parkinsons like symptoms, my personal life well… People get annoyed I’m sick. 652 more words