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It’s not easy to set an order in your head, when you’re alone, in a quiet, sheltered place but it’s possible. There’s just one problem – you can’t spend the rest of your life in here. 594 more words


List of Foods I Could Eat Forever

There are far too many serious things on the internet right now.

So how about something fun! Letting my inner fat-kid shine in the face of a diet… 170 more words


I need to write about nothing in particular

Quite a few things have happened. I’m going to try and forget my last post: I don’t like it, but the purpose of this blog is to expel things that are stressful, hard, and having a negative impact on my health. 534 more words

NO B.S. = Take Action = Altruism?

Here is the thing…my dad always says to me don’t whine to Chris because it’s falling on deaf ears. Many times you are right. I had to harden myself to it. 527 more words

Myasthenia Gravis

Someone tried to steal my dad's car(2/3/16)

Dear reader my dad just got back from grocery shopping at the local Target by our house and someone tried to steal it while he was in the store. 124 more words


Oh, How We Love Drama!

So, I had this really interesting conversation the other day with my bestie. We were talking about blogging, and we came to a very funny conclusion. 230 more words

The Artist Weeps

This is one of these posts where I pour out my thoughts in a somewhat messy and incoherent manor and manage to express my inner struggles, frustrations, and perhaps fears. 908 more words