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I don’t like shopping for clothes.  I don’t like shopping for shoes.

I don’t like shopping for food.  Shopping always gives me the blues.

Sometimes you have to go shopping.   526 more words


Venting #2

I have a serious problem with self-esteem. That girl that almost ended me and my boyfriend for good is really attractive. I hate to admit that she is, but she truly is. 358 more words


Communication solves a lot of shit

After my post yesterday I was an absolute mess. I was repulsed by physical contact with my boyfriend and, as he always does, knew something was wrong. 547 more words


Venting: Confession of a mad Dater

Having my say

First, I find the games that adult play while dating offensive and mentally exhausting. Making matters worse, some of the suggestions from proclaimed dating and match making experts; focus mostly on women than men. 173 more words


I can't seem to handle small talk anymore(5/1/16)

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me venting/talking about how I am currently feeling right now. Nothing more nothing less.

Dear reader lately I can’t seem to handle small talk anymore(talking about random life stuff or favorite TV shows). 335 more words


These Are Not the Awesome Tales You're Looking For...

Ah, the wonders of technology! Put your usb stick in the drive, go away from the computer for a short bit, return, try to open the file you want to open, file won’t open, see file and folder names are all weird, try to recover files, succeed partially, but lose quite a bit in the process. 137 more words


3 Tips - Review

This week had many ups as well as downs. Despite the negative energy that I was surrounded by.. I tried my best to stay positive. 373 more words

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