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Poetry of an Insomniac (untitled)

Lonely days and lonely nights, happiness always so far out of my sights.

I seek you out in my dreams and curse you while I’m awake, the child in me misses you but what you did is more than I can take. 142 more words

Today Rocked.

This is not my usual weekend. I don’t lead a super exciting life. That’s by design. What’s exciting to some, i.e.: going out dancing or meeting up with a group for drinks or taking long walks on the beach, ends up being exhausting for me. 322 more words


Being a Blogger-Bitch Sesh

When I decided to start my second blog, I promised myself that I wouldn’t get obsessed with followers and ‘likes’. I didn’t want it to be about that-the competive rat race to get as many ‘likes’ and followers as possible. 745 more words


Spread Love Not Hate

Hey all!

Today’s post is going to be a little different; to follow through with the trending topic of Trump becoming president… We need to spread positivity in the world – we definitely need it! 352 more words


Getting started is always the hardest part of anything.

Before I start any blog post on here, I delete the first sentence about ten times, because I simply never know what the perfect thing to say is or how to get it out. 617 more words

No, I Don't Want to See Your Kid's Poo

If you read my previous entry, you’ll know that I am not a mother. Not to a human at least. My four-legged mutt is the closest thing I have to a kid, and guess what? 302 more words


Happy Tears

After meeting with a specialist last week and getting a really unexpected and sudden medical procedure done, I had found myself getting teary eyed right before I walked out of the appointment. 752 more words