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Shitty Week

I had one of the most shitty weeks I have had in a long time. Excuse my French.

It all started Monday. I had a lot of grumpy customers at work and my feet were in a lot of pain. 350 more words


Brain Drain: 2.8.2017 1:38

Finding time to write has been difficult lately, but, since I have some time now, I’ll do something simple – just to keep the creative juices up and active. 676 more words

Fruit From Thought

In Which I Talk About Being Blue

I posted my next video up on youtube. Check it out here:

If you can relate, leave a comment, let’s get the talking started.

Otherwise, have a great weekend everyone! 29 more words


Bloody October

Warning! If you are not comfortable with women’s health issues, skip this blog post. 

I haven’t been here for several months. The next few posts will be a “Catch up” of sorts. 957 more words


hamaybe it all boils down to allistics not being able to show a real, unprepared, not sophisticated, raw emotions. even if they wanted to, which they don’t, they couldn’t bring themselves to the point where they would just speak their mind without any regards to strategy, or future development of that problem, or relationship, etc. 1,302 more words



They say it’s best to never go to bed upset and whoever said that is right. I can’t sleep due to feeling so down. Yesterday I had a pretty great day. 633 more words