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Cardiac Emergencies

Cardiovascular emergencies are life-threatening disorders that must be recognized immediately to avoid delay in treatment and to minimize morbidity and mortality. Patients may present with severe hypertension, chest pain, dysrhythmia, or cardiopulmonary arrest. 404 more words


Follow a Drop of Blood Through the Heart

Follow a Drop of Blood Through the Heart

  1. superior and inferior vena cava
  2. right atrium
  3. tricuspid valve
  4. right ventricle
  5. pulmonary valve
  6. pulmonary artery
  7. LUNGS
  8. pulmonary vein…
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Anatomy of the heart

Location of the heart

The heart is located in the middle mediastinum and is surrounded by the pericardium, which acts to reduce friction during contraction of the heart. 758 more words