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Buildings of Exeter College as the physiology of the human heart

An interesting commission (painted in tea and coffee) from the students of the exiting professor of Cardio Physiology. The four quads of his former college realised as the atriums, ventricles, major veins and arteries of the heart. 140 more words



She will try not to run.

She will try not to hide.

She will try not to turn away.

She will look you in the eye. 94 more words

Cardiac cycle and the Human Heart: A* understanding for iGCSE Biology 2.63 2.64

The human heart is an organ found in the middle of the thorax.  It is made from a specialised type of muscle called cardiac muscle… 1,059 more words

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Safe House

You’re rearranging ribs,
Adjusting arteries
And moving lungs to
Make room.
You’ve taken a shovel
To my skin,
Burrowed your way in
And are now nestled… 21 more words


Heterogeneity in ependymoglia cells in intact and regenerating newt brain

Even though active neurogenesis in adult mammals is well known and occurs in some regions of our brain, our capacity to replace neurons after an injury or lost is quite limited. 789 more words


Defect of the week: Endocardial Fibroelastosis(EF)

This week we will be switching off and discussing another rare heart defect called Endocardial Fibroelastosis(EF). EF occurs when a child’s heart tissue thickens, because of too much tissue growing particularly around the valves. 248 more words

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