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From Nintendo Switch to Donald Trump: What Will Shape the Gaming Industry in 2017

Every year I make wildly inaccurate predictions about the future of games, and that time has come again. I go through this exercise not only to suffer great embarrassment, but but also to sharpen my thinking by looking back over the years in an attempt to find the future. 2,148 more words


Birchbox Is Still Expanding Its Brick-and-Mortar Stores

“Beauty in a box” startup Birchbox, an online subscription service for grooming products, has announced plans to open a brick-and-mortar store in Paris later this year. 329 more words


Obama's Former Entrepreneurship Advisor Joins Payments Firm Stripe

Stripe is looking to expand its program dedicated to helping foreign entrepreneurs do business in the U.S. To do so, it has hired Sarah Heck… 284 more words


Yes, It's Possible to Plan a Night Out Entirely Through iMessage

Watch the rollout of enough bots or virtual assistants and you’ll see it: the night-out use case.

You want to go to a movie or restaurant or concert with friends, and OpenTable, SeatGeek, StubHub, and Fandango are happy to help. 352 more words


Google Is Killing the Classic Google+ on Jan. 24

Google today announced that it will be getting rid of the “classic” user interface for its Google+ social network.

Google redesigned the service in 2015 with the launch of Communities and Collections, but since then there has always been a way to go back to the “classic” mode: a link in the bottom left corner that says “Back to classic Google+.” Starting on January 24, though, people won’t be able to go back anymore. 219 more words


MIT Launches New Accelerator for Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality Startups

Bayview Labs, Seraph Group and MIT Game Lab are creating Play Labs to accelerate startups in augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

The accelerator is targeted at students and alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 495 more words


Miiverse And Streetpass Won't Be On Nintendo Switch

Assistant Manager of Public Relations at Nintendo of America, David Young, has revealed to VentureBeat that Miiverse and Streetpass will not appear on the Nintendo Switch. 50 more words