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Useful Dialectics, Part Four – Literacy vs. fluency

Digital literacy “..is essential to improving technical infrastructure and workflows. Digital literacy needs to be achieved across the board, especially in the context of museum leadership.” …

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In Defense of VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi 'Reviewing' CupHead

VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi recently was on the receiving end of a gamer backlash over a review, or first impressions, he did for a platformer called Cuphead, some going as far as to show their… 568 more words

Are chatbots just another fad?

In April 2016, Facebook launched an open version of Messenger which invited developers to create artificial intelligence chatbots that would interact with Facebook users. The excitement that followed was immediate, and by June 2016, 11,000 bots had been made available. 6 more words


What’s really happening right now with chatbots

One night in Corvallis, with the Oregon State basketball team heading to its 14th straight loss of its season, the talk around the hotel bar moved from the television screen to a far different form of communication — chatbots. 13 more words


How Capital One transformed into a tech and AI company

From ATMs and mobile wallets to chatbots and robo-advisors, technology relentlessly transforms how we store, transfer, and manage money. Capital One moves at the forefront of this transformation — one of the largest and among the first banking institutions in the U.S. 7 more words


AI is now the best friend IT ever had

If you look past the hype, existential concerns, and fear that Alexa is a CIA mole, there are some genuinely exciting developments happening in the world of artificial intelligence. 6 more words

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