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White Dog Wavespell May 2016

White Dog Wavespell

Just realised that in writing a new page on this WordPress Site

It is not the same as a post

so my regular subscribers do not get an email  73 more words

Venusian Transit

The planet Venus is passing in front of the sun at this very moment. It’s called a transit. The last time this occurred was in 2004 when I was younger and unaware. 86 more words


Eyewitness Sees Three White Military Men Enter Building First: SanBern Shootings

by Hillary Raimo 

An eye witness describes what she saw and heard inside the building during the San Bernardino holiday shooting, now declared a terrorist act. 136 more words

HIllary Raimo

911, Sandy Hook and San Bernardino: Exposing the Force

by Hillary Raimo 

2012 held a powerful, potent and penetrating affect on the mind and consciousness of humanity. It was the focus of ending prophecies and calendars according to seemingly legitimate sources and a plethora of experts. 2,174 more words

HIllary Raimo

Dragon Bones Resurrected

by Hillary Raimo 

What is happening in the world today is a product of a massive Megaritual built off of the alignments of 2012 by the military industrial complex. 217 more words

HIllary Raimo