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The Belly Of The Bunny 7


Venus and I finally had ourselves a ride willing to take us into L.A. We just had to put up with the back of a pickup truck on account of my smell. 2,247 more words


August Moon passing Venus

For a couple of days every month, the Moon arrives next to, and passes, Venus.  First, the Moon will approach from the right of Venus, on day 2 the Moon with be with Venus, and on day 3 the Moon will be to the left side of Venus.  78 more words


The Solar System In a “Night”-shell

The Solar System In a “Night”-shell
July 2018 Dale Alan Bryant

Recently, you may have noticed an extra one or two very bright stars in the sky, just after sunset. 1,510 more words



Look up to the heavens

Imagine yourself lifting

Soaring high, through the welcoming sky

Skate ’round the rings of Saturn

Hang to Orion’s belt

Flirt with Venus, and make her blush… 62 more words


Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

Today, we went to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. We had a really great time wandering around Fern Gully, Guilfoyle’s Volcano and many more places. 369 more words

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Capricorn 1.0

So, goats…Capricorn is another earth sign. They are the half goat half fish or you could see it as a sea goat. Capricorn marks the Winter solstice on December 21st. 718 more words


Getting ripe!

To better understand my excitement you have to know, that my living space is tiny. I have neither a garden nor a balcony, but I decided to grow tomatoes on windowsill. 188 more words