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The Song of The Dunes

I’m really quite fascinated by singing sand dunes. Also known variously as whistling sand or booming dunes, this is a phenomenon observed in places across the world when the right set of circumstances cause sand to be a little noisier than usual. 683 more words


Heart Meditation

Take care of your soul today. It takes play a lot deeper.


Spaceprobes in the Solar System

The diagram above (click to zoom) and list below show currently active spacecraft in the Solar System, not including those operating close to the Earth (and I’ve probably missed a few): 237 more words



In the world of exoplanets, Earth-like planets are what everyone’s most excited over. And for good reason. It sure would be great if we could get a close look at one, don’t you think? 624 more words


Behold the Lotus

The orbit of Venus and the Earth, over 8 years.  I could watch this for days.


unlock the swag

SO loving my new job. I get to do and touch everything marketing-related. It’s a lot of work but it’s fun and exciting and I have a lot of freedom to do what I want. 49 more words