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Veranda on a Roof - India

Located on the roof of a 12 storey building of a duplex apartment, this space was conceptualized as a ‘Veranda’. (Hindi meaning: A transitional space between public and private area or, between a house and a street). 545 more words

October 10, 1989

My Love,

I am truly sorry that I was so abrupt but I had two midterms and my patience was very short.

So much has happened gosh were do I begin?   636 more words


Land's Veranda

This weekend I read one of the most precise comparisons for the beach – land’s veranda. Architectural historian Philip Drew in his book Veranda: Embracing Place… 462 more words


Studio Course Designs a Welcoming Veranda on a Roof in Maharashtra, India

This veranda, covering an area of 50 square meters, is located on the roof of a 12-storey building and belongs to a duplex apartment in Maharashtra, India. 23 more words

The Baliati Palace-Veranda

The Baliati Palace-Veranda

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The Baliati Jamidar bari alias the Baliati Palace, an unexplored and less known attractive place Near Dhaka, Bangladesh with aesthetic beauty of nature, remembrance of British colonial era of 19th century and royal heritage of the ancestors of Bangladesh…
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~~ Good Night



Sweet Dreams

Sleep doesn’t come as I close my eyes

I still see the moonlit starry skies

And hear the faint melody of the band inside… 48 more words


Veranda Üreticileri ve Faaliyet Noktaları

Veranda üreticileri farklı malzemeler bütünü ile veranda yapma hususunda epey bir maharet harcayarak işe koyulur; fakat her firmanın standart kabul edilecek