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Cee's Odd Ball Challenge

So many photos to chose from for the Odd Ball Challenge

Rain drops on a high rise window 76 stories up

Looking in a shop window

It is just a leaf



Panorama from the verandah in the front



This week the hotspot is a little different from the other hotspots. This hotspot is not a cafe or a restaurant, but a gift-shop. Sometimes I like to put some other things here too, just because I feel like I have to tell you about it. 647 more words


I know a shortcut!

The verandah part of The Sled is open to all and sundry. We’re pretty sure a couple of the kids have been nipping through to take a shortcut* to the BBQ area and the playground. 39 more words

Caravan Life

In the meantime at home ...

Some work in progress: Refurbishing the double garage into a studio, building a carport and a few verandahs; the biggest one covering our courtyard. All should be ready in a few weeks. 66 more words