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Fiction and Verb Tense

Daily Prompt #26: Verb Tense

Take one of your six-word stories (or a sentence from the fiction piece you’re currently working on) and rewrite it the following ways:

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Fiction Writing

Verb Tense Consistency in Fiction

Although many novels today are written in the present tense, most novels are written in the past tense.  One common error that I find when critiquing manuscripts is the problem of verbs leaping from the past to the present. 700 more words

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Conditionals 2 & 3 Explained

Conditional 2 / Second Conditional

The second conditional is also known as the “unreal present and future conditional”. We use it to speak about situations in the present and future which have a low to zero possibility of happening. 911 more words

English Grammar

On Writing: How to Communicate in Arbitrary Symbols

When language was invented, arbitrary noises were ascribed meaning. Eventually, the cultures that had effective spoken language stopped putting their elderly out to pasture when they started asking for the younger generations to repeat themselves (the reason is economic, and will be discussed another day). 676 more words

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Verb tenses: Past Perfect

Hi sweetie,

Now we will talk about the Past Perfect, a verb tense which adds a bit mote of confusion to the scene. But keep calm, and carry on: with time, things will improve. 311 more words


Verb tenses: Present Perfect (again)

Hi sweetie,

Now we will talk about the Present Perfect, a verb tense which confuses a little almost all Portuguese speakers, like us.

Firstly, let’s review what we have already studied about the… 317 more words