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Day 263: Random Post

Today is a bit of a random/rant post before I start working on my homework. I’m posting this from work since I focus better in the office instead of at home. 568 more words


Remain In-Tense - Verbs 1

Because verb tenses are so very important for communication, I am going to divide a chapter from Really Stupid Writing Mistakes: How to Avoid Them… 1,262 more words

WordBird Exercise No. 10: Verb Tenses

Verbs are some of the most important words in the English language, and also some of the most complicated words to use. That’s because, in addition to information about “how” the action was done and which action was done, verbs also communicate temporal information. 601 more words

Writing Tips

Verb Tense

To any and all writers out there, professional or hobbyist, what are your thoughts on verb tense?

I find I usually stick mostly to past tense –  119 more words


Week 5: Tricky Tenses

And yes. I chose to use the adjective “tricky” because they can be all tangled up in a sense that they could be confusing. Hmm. I should’ve used… 744 more words


the Dublin Limited

Freshman year of college I took a class on Joyce and there first heard the term ‘free-indirect discourse’. I was profoundly shocked. Before this I had not realized the extent of an author’s control over his characters. 466 more words


A Plea for the Retention of the Special Case of the Word "Hanged"

When I was a young’n, like you whippersnappers today, the word ‘hang’ had a special past tense case. When used as a word to describe being executed by having a rope noose tied around your neck and letting your body weight strangle you (or break your neck), the past tense was ‘hanged.’ Not ‘hung.’ 133 more words

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