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When to Use Past Tense

Last week, I discussed when and why to use the present tense. This week, let’s take a look at the past tense. What are its strengths and weaknesses, and when should you consider using it? 989 more words


When to Use the Present Tense

Recently, while brainstorming a new novel idea, I’ve been thinking about whether to write in the present or past tense. This is a question I ask at the start of every novel, but the answer is more obvious in some cases than in others. 1,027 more words


Fiction and Verb Tense

Daily Prompt #35: Verb Tense

Take one of your six-word stories from last week and rewrite it the following ways:

*present tense

*past tense…

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Writers Notebook



(Please print out this page to complete the assignment below.)

It is not wrong to write an essay in present tense; it is not wrong to write in past tense. 588 more words


Day 263: Random Post

Today is a bit of a random/rant post before I start working on my homework. I’m posting this from work since I focus better in the office instead of at home. 568 more words


Remain In-Tense - Verbs 1

Because verb tenses are so very important for communication, I am going to divide a chapter from Really Stupid Writing Mistakes: How to Avoid Them… 1,262 more words

Verb Tense

To any and all writers out there, professional or hobbyist, what are your thoughts on verb tense?

I find I usually stick mostly to past tense –  119 more words