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Infinitive Past Simple Past Participle Translation be (bi) was/were (wos/wer) been (bi;n) ser, estar become (bicam) became (bikeim)
Verb Tenses

A little hint on verbs.

A common problem in writing is that pesky verb shift: when you begin to write in present tense then switch to past without even noticing. If you have this problem, take into consideration these tips: 232 more words

Don't Get Tense About Time!

As you know, verbs can change into various tenses to indicate the order of events in time. There’s no need to get tense about time! Relax, smell the roses, and things will fall into place quite naturally…after you read this post! 945 more words

Verb Tennis

This is an activity I do in intermediate level classes. In natural conversation, people switch from one tense to another very quickly. This exercise helps students increase their speaking speed, grammatical accuracy and listening skills. 312 more words

8FD 26.04 individual work

Do you know the tense name with the right form? (hint: progressive = continuous)

In these exercises, write the right forms of the verbs given.  177 more words

8th Grade

Verb Review Answers

Yesterday, I downloaded this worksheet to see if I could successfully fill out the past, present and future tense, with polite and formal versions of each: 85 more words

Verb Tenses

Simple Verb Tense Review

Korean is an agglutinative language. This means that verb information such as tense, mood and the social relation between speaker and listener is added successively to the end of the verb. 526 more words

Verb Tenses