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WH-Questions and Simple Present Tense Practice

The communicative approach to language learning is prioritized in Ecuador, and, therefore, we try to promote classroom speaking practice with our counterpart local teachers and their students. 691 more words


The Preterit for regular verbs

The preterit tense is used for reporting actions completed at a given point in the past. Note that:

  • endings for “er” and “ir” verbs are the same…
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Verb Tenses

Memorizing French Tenses - Review and Self-Test

If given a matrix to complete, of all eight tenses, could you recall and use the memory keys to fill in the matrix?


Translation… 564 more words
Verb Tenses

Memorizing For Written Exams - Future


Future tense (indicatif futur simple) talks about upcoming events. While the French future tense has a full set of conjugations, the English equivalent is just the modal verb “will” + main verb. 572 more words

Verb Tenses

Memorizing For Written Exams - Imperfect


The French imperfect (indicatif imparfait) is a descriptive past tense which indicates an ongoing state of being or a repeated or incomplete action. If the action is completed, it would be “perfect”, and be the Present Perfect (passé composé). 722 more words

Verb Tenses

Memorizing For Written Exams - Passé composé


The French passé composé (present perfect) tense has three possible English equivalents. For example, j’ai dansé can mean: I danced (simple past), I have danced (present perfect), I did dance (past emphatic). 1,086 more words

Verb Tenses

Memorizing For Written Exams - Pluperfect


The French past perfect, or pluperfect tense (indicatif plus-que-parfait) is used to indicate an action in the past that occurred before another action in the past. 556 more words

Verb Tenses