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Age: Older Teens and Adults

For the song “22”, you can first engage students into talking about their future by using “will” for predictions. Then, they will listen to the song and read the lyrics and, based on those lyrics, they will guess the meaning of a few words and phrases provided. 22 more words

Grammar Focus

All Night

Age: Teens

Will for predictions and promises can be practiced with the help of the song “ALL NIGHT”. First, students guess the name of the band by reading a quote from the song. 42 more words

Grammar Focus

Past Tense and Past Participle Matching Activity

Students often have trouble remembering their past tense and past participle verbs and the difference between the two! I created this worksheet to help them remember these verbs! 18 more words

Adult ESL

Verb tenses chart

The English verb system is not particularly difficult, specially if compared to other languages. However, it may pose some problems to students. For those who need a short walkthourgh this post may be very handy… 661 more words


Grammar Lesson – Will and Going To for The Future (Verb Tense)

“Will” & “Going To…” For The Future

(And Why YouR Text-Book Are Wrong)

This  post is both a Grammar Lesson and a Yer Ing-Glish Sux!!! 26 more words


Don't get so tense about tenses!

Quite often I hear students express that their main problem in Spanish is choosing the right tense.  Verbs are definitely more complicated than in English, but there are some nuances which make things easier.  353 more words

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A Grammar Pun to Lighten Your Day

Lol. The past presently presented the present, but the present preferred the present presently presented by the future.

And, yes, that’s a correct sentence (a bit of passive but otherwise fine). 8 more words

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