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Embarrassing Error #8

Trial and Errors

By Annette Rey

Another one of those errors has raised its head. This one might be a bit excusable. 292 more words


Stink, Stank, Stunk

Funny Sounding Verbs

By Annette Rey

How often do you hear anyone say stank? It’s one of those words people think sound quirky, like it’s not a real word at all. 427 more words


HIGHER EDUCATION - Listening activity

This video is hilarious but at the same time, it reveals a view of our times that I find realistic. It is about the amount of money people spend in order to get an education. 664 more words


When Should I Use The Present Simple Tense?

Present Uses
1: We use the present simple when something is generally or always true.

  • People need food.
  • It snows in winter here.
  • Two and two make four.
  • 314 more words

Revision of tenses

Supply the correct form of the verbs.

1 – She _______________________ (to go) to the office every day.

2 –  We _______________________ (to go) to the theatre last night. 942 more words


Future Simple


In this exercise you have to put the verb into the correct form of the future, using shall / will or going to. 472 more words


Authors Answer 133 - The Passive Voice

The passive voice is something authors are often told not to use. But what exactly is the passive voice? Here’s a simple example.

Passive voice: The door was opened by John.

932 more words