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Past Perfect/Past Perfect Continuous

Exercise 1:

Can you circle the verbs in the past perfect simple and continuous?

Had been writing, was laughing, be born, had been joking, had believed, finished, invite, is living, had looked, had enjoyed, loves, does. 615 more words


Moods in Hypothetical Clauses

First off, I must apologise; I meant to post this part 2 from my Conditional Mood post last week, but I somehow thought I already did. 396 more words


22 mars - crash course

They say that the best way to learn something is to teach it, and I have really come to know the true meaning of this expression in the past few months. 537 more words


Hay…definitely not ay, ay, ay!

Haber is one of the more unusual verbs in Spanish, but it’s an indispensable one. The present tense form hay is usually translated as there is or there are. 484 more words

Language Learning

Talk Grammar to Me Tuesdays:Errors Caused by How We Learned Language, Verbs,Part 2

What to Do

If we have these issues in our writing, the first step to correcting them is understanding that they are errors.  This is the easy part.   621 more words

Talk Grammar to Me Tuesday-Errors Caused by How We First Learned Language, Verbs Part 1

We first learn language by listening to language.   We also tend to recreate what we hear as correct/standard grammar in our writing.  For many of us, these are the hardest errors to correct in our writing because what we hear in our heads when we proofread our work sounds correct. 732 more words