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Calculate [Verb]

That May came too quickly. I blinked my eyes, April disappeared, and, like the morning after great sex–made for movies, toe-curling sex–the floor felt so cold beneath my feet. 127 more words


Rotate [Verb]

The car’s tired ground loosely against the pebbled road, each rotation inciting another round of low pops, like the quick bursts bubble gum, or rain falling hard against a tin roof. 132 more words


Series of errors is common

A series of errors on the Yahoo! front page is not unusual. It’s quite common to see a mismatch of a subject (like series) and its verb (which should be… 27 more words


Saturday Synopsis

I fondly remember Grandma wearing a checkered pinafore while baking cookies and pies.

Rita peered across the cerulean sea with a feeling water and sky become one. 55 more words



scrouge–verb: to squeeze together, crowd.

Smelly passengers scrouged through the doors then lurched when the subway started off.


주다 (juda) [Word of the Day Series]

안녕하세요? (Annyeonghaseyo?)

Today’s verb is one that I kinda like a little more than most verbs. The verb is 주다 (juda) and it means, “to give”. 73 more words


Passive Writing Part One: Passive Is As Is Is

Our discussion of passive voice has ended, but we’re just getting started on passive writing. You can write a manuscript completely devoid of passive voice and still earn the scorn of readers and editors as a passive writer. 568 more words