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क्रिया (Verb)

क्रिया का शाब्दिक अर्थ है- कार्य । जिन शब्दों से किसी काम का करना या होना पाया जाए ,उसे क्रिया कहते है। जैसे – खाना ,नाचना ,खेलना,पढ़ना ,मारना आदि। 21 more words

Hindi Grammar

Editing and proofreading are the perfect combination

Editing and proofreading are the perfect combination to avoid the kind of grammatical error like this one from Yahoo! Style:



When talking about the main components of a sentence, we typically identify three parts: the subject, the verb, and the object. Different languages combine these have different ways of combining these in their basic sentences. 680 more words


Lesson Two: Verbs (Contractions)

In Lesson One, we learned about subjects and verbs*. We are continuing our lesson about verbs: something you can call a hidden verb, aka contraction. … 131 more words


Lesson One: Subjects and Verbs

Lesson One: Subjects and Verbs


What are subjects? Subjects are the doer of the action. 

EXAMPLE: Lily played soccer yesterday.

Who played? Lily. Who is the subject? 140 more words


Hair In Action

My hair goes through a lot. On a daily basis it’s washed, blown dry, straightened, pulled into a ponytail or bun, styled, and God knows what else. 106 more words