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inveigle–verb: win over by ingenuity or artful talk.

Stan inveigled Marie to go to a movie.


Retain [Verb]

The tips of sunshine slipped across the house, which slept under a rooftop of black shingles and the lowest branches of the old elm tree. Fallen leaves, green as a caterpillar’s underside, swirled in the recess of the gutter that trailed along the rooftop’s edge. 94 more words




  1. To misrepresent or disguise.
  2. To show to be false.

His happy demeanour belied the heartbreak caused by his mother’s recent death.

Source: The American Heritage Dictionary Fifth Edition


What do they have in common?

What do these photo captionsStyle have in common? They were all written by the Yahoo! Style “editors.” They all contain the same grammatical error — a mismatch of a plural subject and a singular verb:


Love is Verb (?)

Lagi momen2 palentinan ya, yang katanya hari kasih sayang, yang disimbolkan dengan ngasih2 coklat2 (hiiii apa itu coklat2). Ada juga yang bilang kasih sayang mah tiap hari, tidak usah dirayakan secara khusus *jadi bagi2 coklat-coklat nya tiap hari dong. 506 more words


An Arabic clock... like you've never seen before!

Inspired by the unusual and creative clocks that you often see shared on Facebook, like the handful below, I wondered how I might apply the same kind of creativity to an Arabic-themed clock face… 421 more words


To comma or not to comma?

I’ve just been editing some work I set for my English student, and it suddenly hit me – I’d been using American English instead of Australian English. 416 more words

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