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Welcome. Now go away

The front page of a website is like a welcome mat. But what if that mat read “Welkome”? Would you still enter the site?

Would you click on this headline on Yahoo! 67 more words


Word Class Posters

This is a little something I started making in my final year of full-time teaching as my 6 and 7 year-olds were struggling to differentiate nouns, verbs and adjectives.  286 more words


Folloathe: (v.)

To maintain social media contact with someone you absolutely detest, specifically because you enjoy hating them.


Sometimes I cast myself in wonder at just how much there is to dislike about people on the internet. 81 more words


Cast and crew: one and the same?

According to Yahoo! Movies, the “Suicide Squad” cast and crew are a single unit; either that, or the writer can’t match a verb to its subject:


Bài 3a: Động từ nguyên thể, chia động từ, động từ to be (sein) trong tiếng Đức

  1. Giới thiệu về cấu trúc câu đơn trong tiếng Đức

Một câu trong tiếng Đức có cấu trúc khá giống như một câu trong tiếng Anh, tức là gồm chủ ngữ (subject, Nominative), động từ(verb) và đối tượng (object, Accusative). 711 more words

German Study

Is Love a Noun that can  or wouldn't be shifted into Verb?

They say, “Love moves in mysterious ways”.

But may I ask, does love just happens or does a person makes a conscious decision to start it? 90 more words

Oh Love