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Three Sets of Troublesome Words

Probably everyone who ever wrote anything has some words they find troublesome. Here are a few that many people struggle with.

  1.  passed or past

Passed… 397 more words


JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 8 - DAY 13 :: oh, joy the verb?


As the year moves forward and my promise to focus on JOY takes hold… I am wondering when joy is more of a verb and an action. 79 more words


Writing and editing are exciting

OK, so maybe writing and editing aren’t exciting — at least not all the time. Perhaps if the editors at Yahoo Lifestyle found them exciting, we wouldn’t be subjected to this:


Music Appropriation: White Rappers Respond

The stylistic appropriation of black music by white artists, like Pinnacle, is one of the main thematic threads that weaves throughout Hype Man. Appropriation, as defined by Cambridge English Dictionary, is “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture.” In the play,  Verb directly challenges Pinnacle on his responsibility to black culture as someone who benefits from their cultural innovations. 497 more words

First Giveaway of the Year with Verb!


I wanted to start this year off by giving you guys a chance to win some awesome stuff 😘 171 more words


Faith is not a feeling.

Faith is a believing – the type of believing leads to action.

A faith that is silent in word and deed is no faith at all.

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Just A Minute

When the Doer of the Verb Is Unknown

الفعل للمجهول او المبني للمجهول when the doer of the verb is unknown. It is used for four reasons according to the scholars of the language: 54 more words