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Verb groups

• Verb groups 1, 2a & b, 3 and 4.
Imperativ, infinitiv, presens, preteritum & supinum.
• Vowel-change patterns.

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What's in My Sephora Basket? September 2017

September is full of some new fall goodies and I can’t wait to get some of them! Here are my picks for my Sephora basket: 251 more words


To Praise with Admiration

For far too long those crazy Latin-speaking people have influenced English to the detriment of high school students everywhere.  Until we can stop them, here’s some information on compliment versus complement.  300 more words

Writing Toolbox

Level 1: "To Like" and "To Drink"


So I am back, because I kind of figured out how I wanted to approach some of this and how I think it should kind of work. 935 more words


-else suffix

The -else suffix creates nouns from some verbs.
In the PDF you’ll find a list of many of the most common nouns with this suffix.

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-na suffix

The -na suffix is added to some adjectives in order to form a verb that indicates the process during which an object gets the attribute described by the adjective. 12 more words



Hope will do the best.


Hope isn’t a noun.


Hope is a verb.

And, Understand

Verb is a noun.


Noun isn’t a…

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