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remonstrate–verb: to speak or complain in opposition or protest.

Mary remonstrated the her curfew was too early.


Verbs - Transitive and Intransitive

Happy Saturday! I have decided to kick off my grammar posts with an explanation of transitive and intransitive verbs – and I’ll make it as exciting as I can. 229 more words

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Saturday Synopsis

Our soldiers rose and charged with fixed bayonets but quailed at the first sounds of defensive fire.

Through dense fog I could barely discern the vague outline of the house. 35 more words




To slander; defame.

Geraldine is known to traduce any former friend she has fallen out with.


Word of the Day: acerbate

Happy Friday! I’ll be working vigorously this evening to publish a grammar-centric post, the first one on my new blog (finally!). I’m hoping to be working a lot this weekend as it is a three day weekend for me, but the outdoors may be too beckoning – we’ll see. 87 more words

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Figments and Fragments

I hate to hear myself recorded. Unfortunately for me, I interview people for articles and have to listen to myself when transcribing notes and information. Cringeworthy! 330 more words


Word of the Day: espouse

espouse (i-SPOUZ)

verb transitive: 1. to adopt or support a cause, idea, belief, etc.
2. to take as spouse: marry

From Old French espouser, from Latin sponsare (to betroth), from sponsus (betrothed). 67 more words

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