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Reed's Word of the Day: revise

Definition: the act of perfecting; to improve upon a previous work

Usage: A revision is just another step towards perfection.

To revise is not an admission of failure but rather a polish on performance. 70 more words

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Gender of nouns in Hebrew

Another thing we need to note about the Hebrew language is that nouns do have genders. In French (my native language) we also have that concept, but I understand that it is harder for English speakers. 246 more words

Learning Project


This week I would like to share with you beauties one of my favorite continuous gifts. Some of you may know exactly what this is but if you do not know then this post was made for you so continue reading!  258 more words

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Reed's Word of the Day: believe

Definition: to hold something as true, genuine, or real

Usage: To believe in yourself is the greatest gift you will ever receive.

It’s not what we hope for that matters but what we believe we will achieve. 72 more words

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Reactions to headline

Reactions to a headline on Yahoo! Style shine:

Actually, I don’t know what that means; I have no idea how reactions shine (or shines, as Yahoo! editors would have it).


Reed's Word of the Day: aspire

Definition: to direct one’s hopes & ambitions towards greater things.

Usage: Don’t let your doubts overcome your aspirations.

One simple aspiration is worth a thousand dreams. 74 more words

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Reed's Word of the Day: perfect

Definition: to improve, better, polish (up), hone, refine, or fine-tune

Usage: There is nothing more perfect in life than a child with love in their heart. 76 more words

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