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7 tips to help you get the most out of Venmo, the app young people are using to replace cash

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Venmo has big ambitions.

The app has already become a favored way for young people to pay back their friends, but now it’s trying to break into areas like payments in other apps. 491 more words


Learning verbs and truths

We wake, woke, woken.
We speak, spoke, spoken.
Promises break, broke, broken.


To tide you over

(Gosh, I really struggled to find an appropriate image for this one!)

When I need some baby items that I want to buy second-hand (or, more often, when I have an episode of good old procrastination), I head over to the local Facebook page where mums sell their unwanted baby stuff. 191 more words

Words And Expressions

공부할 거예요 (gongbuhal geyeyo)[Word of the Day]


Edit: This post has been updated. It previously stated that this verb stem was used to say that a person’s future action were determined by what someone else said, however, that’s incorrect.

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Word Of The Day

Verb Game Jumbled Words

Kids love to play games. Jumbled word game is surely one fun game to recognize vebs. Enjoy! (credits to owner)   32 more words


Tip 33. Gostar doesn’t work like gustar

Although the words for “to like” are very similar in Spanish (gustar) and Portuguese (gostar), the words that go with them are different. In Portuguese, the word de often comes after gostar. 80 more words