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Use Your Words...

On second thought, maybe…don’t?

The Toddler: Tiny Overbearing Diaper Dictator Lacking Emotional Regulation

Here’s where all that unconditional love stuff really proves it’s point. 416 more words


Part One: What assertiveness isn’t: Aggression

So what exactly is assertiveness?

When I run my workshops we usually start by brainstorming word associations for assertiveness. I  started doing this many years ago and the kinds of things the attendees came up with then were often things like: aggressive, dominant, “now you listen here”, getting on top, winning etc. 588 more words

Body Language

New report confirms: finger length linked with (verbal) aggression!

Prenatal testosterone exposure, as indicated by relative finger length, may be a marker of increased verbal aggression in adults, new research suggests.

In 2 studies, investigators measured the ratio of length of the second digit/index finger to length of the fourth digit/ring finger (2D:4D) of more than 600 young adult volunteers. 804 more words

Digit Ratio

Girl Scouts Troop #748

Sunday afternoon is my absolute favorite time of the week, and today I was fortunate to spend it with the Girl Scouts of Troop #748! The troop consists of girls between fourth and sixth grade, each attending a variety of school from Salk Elementary to Catoosa and Owasso.  300 more words