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The day I approached the historical

The morning of June 14th was clear, hot, and hilly. If you’re going to break in a new pair of boots, don’t do it in Nottingham. 1,138 more words

Cognitive Poetics

Bauman- Verbal Art as Performance

Bauman, R. (1977). Verbal Art as Performance. Prospect Heights: Waveland Press. (ARTICLE)

Performance to Bauman: The term performance was employed there, as it was by several of contributors to the collection, because it conveyed a dual sense of artistic action-the do of folklore-and artistic event-the performance situation, involving performer, art for audience, and setting-both of which are central to the developing performance approach folklore. 264 more words

Performance Studies

Roman Jakobson: Closing Statement

Jakobson, R. (1960). Closing Statement: Linguistics and Poetics. In Sebeok, Thomas A., ed. Style in Language. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Pp. 350-377.

What’s his point: Poetics deals with the question  541 more words

Performance Studies