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My Exchange with a Trump Supporter

Today I got verbally attacked by a Trump supporter, for posting a joke video. For the record, I tagged my husband in it because it was silly, but did not go out of my way to post it to someone’s page I knew was a Trump supporter as a passive aggressive “fuck you.” Because I don’t do that. 1,059 more words


what purpose.......?

What purpose does it serve…..when a person starts an attack by saying ‘everyone thinks……’. and then they point something futile out about what they feel about someone that has absolutely no bearing on the target as a human being or much else for that matter.   79 more words

Rivals 3 - Amanda & Nelson

With getting bad health luck again, Leroy and partner Averey are out. While we here at the Officially Unofficial Challenge Fantasy League did not count on such circumstance occurring, others out there did. 271 more words

The Challenge

“Only those who grow up in importance are attacked.”  Andre d’Aquino


Taylor Linn @ Tiny Buddha - Why Silence Is Often the Best Response to a Verbal Attack


Taylor Linn @ Tiny Buddha   –   Why Silence Is Often the Best Response to a Verbal Attack



“Have the maturity to sometimes know that silence is more powerful than having the last word.” ~Thema Davis… 930 more words

Second Grade -the pretty girl

We moved a lot when I was small. My Dad would start trouble because of his drinking and fighting with my mom and we would get thrown out of our apartments. 825 more words