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The Real Face of Racism

To most black folks, this sort of behavior isn’t really a surprise…And yeah, the racists will even attack small children.

Iowa educator tells mixed-race kids: Blacks are too ‘stupid’ to go to school or live with whites… 240 more words



Invective: n. an angry verbal attack which is frequently (greatly critical and/or insulting) and/or abusive and frequently with some profanity

“I hate you, you cock sucking motherfucker!” is an extreme example of profane invective. 142 more words

Common Sense

2 Samuel 16:5-13, 19:18-23 - 6.9.2015

Have you ever had someone talk bad about you? A lot of times this happens when we’re going through a difficult time, and someone decides to throw on a little icing (or should I say a little more coal) on top of our already terrible situation. 731 more words


How to respond to verbal attacks and criticism?

Whether a verbal attack will hit you, it’s relatively – it depends on your mood at the time and how accurate is the attack. But how will you react – this depends only on you. 318 more words



Her father was concern about her behaviour, she was always so defensive and very aggressive when she tried to make her point. When she was confronted about her attitude, she just couldn’t understand why they others complained since she was not “attacking” anyone, according to her she was just expressing her views, if the others considered that she was very “energetic” or “expressive” then it was not her problem, or at least that is what she always said. 114 more words


Learning from the toxic and letting it go.

Recently I experienced something that brought various uncomfortable but insightful emotions to my awareness.
I was generally feeling my emotions and energy more acutely that day, and so all the topics I would normally have a strong view or a passion for, were reeling me in with an even stickier pull. 2,473 more words

Heart & Soul

Ariana Grande Defends Herself Against Bette Midler

Bette Midler verbally attacked Ariana Grande by saying she doesn’t need to make a “whore” out of herself to get ahead.  In Ariana’s music video for “Love Me Harder” she’s dancing around in lingerie.  56 more words