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You Make Me Feel Like A...

Ladies, wouldn’t it be awesome if every time you look at your man your heart smiled because you knew he was thinking “She’s beautiful”???  Wouldn’t it be great if without a word you knew you were the most important thing in his life???  184 more words


Is social media causing anxiety?

I have not looked for any scientific backing to what I’m about to say. It is just an idea. An idea which has undoubtedly been addressed before. 350 more words

Blog Assessment 4: Verbal Communication

As part of my research and reading for this project, I have been encountering big methodological questions around how to include our non-verbal fellows into geography research.  459 more words


Hello. My name is Anxiety.

You worry too much. You’re just being paranoid. It’s all in your head. You’ll get over it. You’re being too sensitive. You need to learn how to deal with it. 1,588 more words


Blog Post 10.12.2016

Yes!!  Finally!!  A teacher references Downton Abbey for lesson plans!!  This lesson on email etiquette is spot on.  I work with adults, in an adult environment, dealing with all things adult in nature – however, a large percentage of co-workers have NO idea how to properly interact via email.  370 more words

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The Unique Forms and Functions of Indigenous Ghanaian Performing and Verbal Arts

Performing arts are the arts that are performed or performed which exists solely in a stream of time. This form of arts is obvious in every activity that the indigenous Ghanaian performs, from the washing of the face proper from mattress, through undertakings of his/her each day actions, to the time he/she retires to bed. 70 more words

Contemporary Ghanaian Verbal Arts

In contemporary Ghanaian societies, various forms of verbal arts are practiced. The indigenous verbal art forms are practiced together with the up to date ones though with little modification of their presentations and features. 18 more words