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Try again.
Threaten me.

You think you’ve got
More guts than me?

How many teeth do you
Think you need?

I could check if what… 161 more words




Not always verbal.

“My girl get into the car, we are late for school!”

Viewers and Listeners


Nothing special- just your normal presentation
(Possibly a sheet to fill in to assist)

How It Works

In pairs in your class, one pupil will become the viewer and one will become the listener. 175 more words

Tagebücher - Patchworks

September 13th

Cafe Oberholz am Rosenthaler Platz, wo sich Straßen aus allen Himmelsrichtungen kreuzen. Die Fenster stehen offen, die Generation Co-working sitzt aufgereiht oder verstreut im Raum und blickt fokussiert auf ihre Bildschirme. 340 more words


The Pantless Window.

Browsing my favourite online Parenting group the other day, I happened across a familiar post.

A fellow Mum was asking how our children’s speech was coming along, and wondering if her son was making a typical amount of progress for his age (they are all around 17 months). 1,063 more words



2 entirely different things.

My girl can talk.
She has trouble communicating.

Children on the autism spectrum range from being non verbal up to being able to being able to converse. 363 more words

Silent vs. Verbal Video Game Protagonists - What Works?

Well, the end has come upon us. Or rather, the beginning of a new year and the next chapter of our lives. As we approach the final night of our wander-less freedom, our minds spiral. 1,799 more words