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My Classroom Management Plan (Flow Chart)

“Just wait till you have kids—it’s not as easy as you think!” My mother has told me this a number of times and has explained that oftentimes it is easy to think that we will one day be the perfect parents if we just follow the right protocol. 981 more words

School Assignments

Verbal therapy can stop relief of fear memories in trauma victims

A verbal upgrading technique directed at blocking the consolidation of traumatic recollections could shield against the long term emotional and physical effects of injury, according to new research from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King s College London as well as the University of Oxford. 109 more words

Momster - in - law

Is it a rule that all mothers hate the women that their sons date?
I don’t have a brother, so I can’t elaborate on how my mother feels about women. 853 more words


Miss Pronounced

Miss Featherstonehaugh is pronounced “Miss Fanshaw”. It seems crazy.

It was once patiently explained to me that there is a disconnect between verbal, printed and written English when it comes to names, and an extreme bureaucratic and legal example was a chequebook. 426 more words


Verbal Vomit?

I see T tomorrow afternoon, not sure if I will get the extra session I asked for. We will see when tomorrow comes I guess. Verbal vomit… I have this huge “need” to just spill my heart out to T tomorrow. 42 more words

Verbal Therapy Could Block Consolidation Of Fear Memories In Trauma Victims

A verbal updating technique aimed at blocking the consolidation of traumatic memories could protect against the long-term psychological and physiological effects of trauma, according to new research. 9 more words

GRE Verbal 160+

I have spent more than 40 minutes writing on quantitative and writing sections of GRE, but I ditched the text. I have got good scores, spent little time and no money on the preparation; nevertheless that part of my GRE experience is not remarkable, thousands of test-takers got a quant score like me. 538 more words