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“Be careful of the words you speak, it can either harm others or help others”


#25 Your Write to: Individualize Your Characters

Give ’em verbal ticks or special ways of fidgeting, that’s how you flesh ’em out!


The Autism of PDA

A question I recently heard was ‘can only high functioning Asperger’s have PDA?’

It’s not the first time I’ve come across a similar question or a comment that all PDAers are ‘high functioning’ or have ‘great verbal skills’. 427 more words

Pathological Demand Avoidance

Verbal foreplay

It all began with a kiss,

A kiss upon lips so soft like marshmallows that left me floating on a cloud perhaps even greater than 9, 1,089 more words


One of those people

Yeah, writing is cool and good and photography is beauty captured in a frame that slots into the memory but, as my roommate commented, I’m desperate to express myself. 352 more words

Iz Vseh Vetrov