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shots fired
and they scramble to
see who drew
first blood


#30in30 - Choose Pictures over Words

The 30 in 30 Briefing Series focuses on a new cognitive bias, fallacy or heuristic in every single publication. Through this Briefing we want to provide you with a rough overview of the cognitive phenomena most likely to occur in the legal profession. 293 more words


Feedback on Errors (or Lack Thereof)

Reflections on Feedback (chapter 11, pp.131-140) from Fremmedsprog i gymnasiet: teori, praksis og udsyn by Susana Silvia Fernández

“(…) Man skal kun give feedback, som er overskuelig og systematisk, og som kan bearbejdes af eleven, så det fremmer læring… 422 more words


Have you ever experienced a relationship or friendship connection who will always take what you say the wrong way no matter what it is? Or, maybe you have experienced that one friend who is about to make the biggest mistake of her life, but to tell her would rip her heart out (or maybe yours)?

604 more words

Spinning Rolodex: The chaos of communication

Yes, I know what a Rolodex is. I never had to use one, but I have seen them around. For those of you who have grown up with cellphones and computerized address books, I’ll let you in on a fun device. 1,528 more words

SLAM Poetry- Dementia

Here is a piece of SLAM Poetry I wrote a year ago for an English class. I got the best marks in the class for it, and yes, it is exaggerated for dramatic effect. 189 more words

Deep Shit

Verbal does not mean they can always tell you what's wrong!

Verbal vs. Non-Verbal … personally I have found this “label” incredibly difficult because although Ryan was non-verbal till age 2 when he did begin speaking it was all quotes from tv shows or repeating what he heard others say, usually completely out of context and this caused frustrations for us … and him! 853 more words