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This is a test post

I am just writing this article to see exactly how the layout looks.  I’m tryna make this layout sexy.

Here I am writing another paragraph, God damn I really am a talented writer.   8 more words


Badly Translated: Rap God

I put rap god through google translate a few times.

Contact Coordinates:

Butterflies & Machineguns  for all my stories

Twitch for all my game streams… 93 more words


Beauty in Rhythm and Verbose

This is my first post on my blog and what better way than to dedicate it to the beauty in music.

I recently got into record players and vinyl.  115 more words

Elvis Presley

The cute girl cafe

She incessantly ripped what she wrote; who taught her this, I suspect a musing of a therapist. A person who believes to speak from an edifice. 47 more words


Attracting admiration at every affair attended

She was the belle of the ball

But little did they know that the belle was bellicose

Invoking conflict, and oh so verbose…


fewer words

what is the use of these words?
all bombast and blasphemy
spewing forth endlessly
in varying order, rearranged like paintings
in a museum with too few walls… 116 more words


Verbose: 'Food Ark'

‘Food Ark’ was written by Charles Siebert and was published in National Geographic in July 2011

  • Title: ‘ark’ as in Noah’s ark, vessel for safety? Way to salvation?
  • 717 more words