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This site and the GDPR

There’s been a lot of concern, confusion and angst by site owners here on WordPress.com ahead of implementing the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation on May 25th and the impact that will have on site owners and visitors. 222 more words


Approach with Caution

Warning:  approach with caution.

Despite the overt friendliness of the individual
bearing this warning label, please note that
should you choose to engage her in conversation… 25 more words


How to know the progress of 'dd' command ?

Ctrl + T

The ‘dd’ command doesn’t show the working progress.

Press ‘Ctrl + T’, then it will shout the process information~!


Less Words Say More

If I value the life I have

If I value the life I have

If I value the life I have

If I value the life I have.

Life Chatter

Write less with Lombok

I’m not a fan of code generators,usually I simply hate them but lately, working with Project Lombok and especially writing Java code after a lot of Kotlin, I must confess I grown to tolerate this little library. 404 more words


Unnerving Gratitude

Thank You…

Seriously. Incredible amounts of gratitude for so many reasons.

Wish I knew to whom it was owed, wish I could impress upon them the loyalty, affection, and esteem derived from helping me pursue the beautiful life in such mutually enriching ways. 345 more words

Nikon Closes Digital Camera Factory

Nikon announced today that it will be shutting down its digital camera factory in the Jiangsu province China, blaming the rise of smartphones for the demise of the compact digital camera market.

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