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Rambling Words

The words I use are deliberate
But sometimes I use too many
Often strung together in gibberish
Using ten when four would be plenty

She has rather unique stare… 135 more words


Introduction to Grommet.io

Now that I have a REST API that handles the basic functionality, it’s time to create a UI to leverage it. In this post I will simply be creating the bones of my interface and a single component that I can reuse in other locations too. 2,647 more words


The Quiet Kind of Shy

Did you know that anxiety and fear can manifest all kinds of different ways?

For a lot of people, they recognize both as submissive actions. 848 more words

Running Python 3.5.1 Apps in Stackato

The app I’m building currently has a requirement on Python 3.5.1 and Django 1.9. I’m importing it into Stackato so that I can test both the platform and the scalability of some of the app components. 1,129 more words


Utilising a Stackato DB from a Django App

These are my initial scratchy notes and I will come back and clean this up at some point

I am currently building a Django Rest Framework based app. 1,474 more words


between the phenomenon and the lyre

the nice man from thailand

smiles when you give him an odyssey

then he travels the ocean grand

and discovers a gigantic fallacy,

a mountain the shape of a spear… 57 more words

Neil Campbell, Rhys Trimble & Tim Allen at Verbose

Monday 23 May 2016, Manchester literature night verbose continues

Headliners from the fabulous Knives Forks and Spoons press: Tim Allen, Neil Campbell and Rhys Trimble. 222 more words