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Essere or Avere - Which auxiliary Verb?

The two italian auxiliary Verbs, “Essere” and “Avere”, excepted for few rare cases (“Piovere”, to rain, is one of those) cannot be used indifferently.

• Avere is used for composed transitive and active Verbs… 335 more words


Simple Past Tense

Fill in the blanks using the Simple past of the verbs in brackets

Cinderella (live)…………………in a small village in England. She (have)…………two stepsisters , they (be)……………very ugly. 199 more words


This knife is for cutting bread

“Funzione, utilizzo, obiettivo, intento, finalità.”
for + gerundio vs. to + infinito

Un’indagine accurata sia online che tra i miei libri, insieme ad una riflessione personale, mi hanno portato alla conclusione che questo è uno di quegli argomenti che difficilmente si spiega con una bella regola semplice e lineare. 586 more words


Who was the bomber

Is this as confusing to you as it is to me? This headline on the Yahoo! front page has me wondering: Was the mosque bomber a Shiite or did the bomber attack a Shiite mosque? 35 more words


Lesson 17:Modal Verbs

There are some verbs, used other than the verbs used normally, called Modal verbs. These are used in some different sentences for some different purposes which are being described below. 34 more words


Prophesy of Time

Together we scale the highest peak,

evolution is a transformation over time.


A star, born of dust and gas, arises,

emerging from the womb of space… 135 more words


S-O-V/S-A Structure [Grammar of the Week]


This week for the Grammar of the Week, I completely forgot what I was going to talk about. I should start writing down my thoughts that way I’ll be able to post them later. 295 more words