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Cheat sheet #1

Reflections on Language for Expressing Ideas (chapter 2) in Beverly Derewianka’s book A New Grammar Companion (2015) and Bruntt & Bryanne’s text Interlanguage Analysis (2013) 1,011 more words


Wait...Who Made Whom Do What?!

I think I sprained my brain.

I should mention ahead of time that, in case anyone is considering that rash act of actually reading this post, it’s going to be rather technical on finicky points of grammar.  390 more words

Phase 3


In 5th grade we are learning how to make sentences in passive voice.

In the following links you can practise it:

Game 1

Active vs. Passive Voice Basketball Game… 17 more words

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Japanese Verb Conjugation

Polite and Plain Forms

In Japanese, there are polite and plain forms of speech.
In plain speech, you use the dictionary form of verbs, but in… 548 more words



I always thought my mom was the language person in the family (in her career she has taught French, Russian, and Spanish), but it seems I’ve inherited at least some of it. 223 more words

Verbs - Modes and Tenses in Spanish

This article is about the use of verbal modes and tenses.

Spanish verbs are conjugated in four modes: indicative (indicativo), subjunctive (subjuntivo), and imperative (imperativo). All these modes have one or more tenses and compound tenses. 1,071 more words