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Sharpen Your Writing - Choosing Strong Verbs

Have you ever read a novel and been impressed with the originality of the author’s use of verbs? One of the hallmarks of good fiction is the use of strong, original verbs. 564 more words

DC News Brief: "No 'Teach,' No 'Learn'"

DYSTOPIA–Dystopia College has adopted a No “Teach,” No “Learn” policy, which bans use of the words “teach” and “learn” in institutional communication about educational practices, Verb Czar  Obie Seth Witverben has proclaimed. 89 more words

Verbs - Faire

Verbs post this week and it’s all about faire. Faire is a verb you will be using all the time in daily conversation, so it is important to understand how it works. 267 more words


Language Awareness: Past Simple & Present Prefect

Sometimes people get these two tenses wrong.

The past simple is always used when the action happened in the past and it’s totally over! You know this, but sometimes you don’t realize, like the student who posted in our Diary for Sept 19. 121 more words

Language Awareness

Word of the Day | 가다 [gada] + ( -ㄹ 까(요))


Back again! Woot! I missed Monday completely by accident. I had a mishap in my days and by the time I remembered what day it was, it was little late to post. 121 more words

Word Of The Day

Aimer: Passé Composé vs Imperfait

The difference between aimer in the passé composé and imperfait can be quite tricky to grasp.

Let’s take a simple example:

Nous avons aimé le film – … 422 more words




Here we go with Verbs with Ms. Darlene! According to her, Verbs are words that expresses time while showing actions. She talked about Action verbs, Linking verbs, Intransitive verbs and Transitive verbs. 166 more words