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Kites Sail High: A Book About Verbs

Kites Sail High: A Book About Verbs by Ruth Heller a wonderful introductory text for verbs of all kinds. Featuring brightly colored, fanciful illustrations, this book is sure to engage young audiences. 76 more words

6 Traits Books

Call me maybe

Kim Jeong-Eun calls Donald Trump ‘mentally deranged’
Kim Jeong-Eun calls Donald Trump a ‘dotard’
Bill Shorten calls Tony Abbott

The first two (slightly adapted) headlines probably need no explanation, but to those of you from places other than Australia, the third (also slightly adapted) probably does.

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Grammar in pop songs - Lucy Lucy Lucy

Picture yourself
Somebody calls you
You answer
A girl

She’s gone


Follow her
Everyone smiles

Taxis appear
Climb in
You’re gone…

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Who wants to be FEATURED? :)

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now. I’ve seen other bloggers do this stuff (and more) and I really wanted to do it to know fellow bloggers and learn from them too. 169 more words


My writing, a convention and some tips

Last weekend I seized the opportunity to attend a writers’ convention. It was the first time I’d gone to the Rockingham Writers Convention, and for those of you who’ve been to the Salisbury Writers’ Festival, it’s not dissimilar. 948 more words

Fact (sort Of)

Who is the Apple of your eye?

Today is all about the eye!


  1. Two commonly used expressions with eye.
  2. Parts of the eye and a more detailed anatomy link.
  3. Actions/Verbs of the eye, video.
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English Teacher


My house (1) has a bath and shower and I (2) have a bath or shower every day. I (3) have to have a bath or shower every day.

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