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French - Imparfait

I’m currently studying different verb tenses in french class, and the best way for me to understand and learn different verb tenses is to break it all down. 321 more words


1-ESO Grade 7. Learning the PAST SIMPLE

My students have revised the PAST SIMPLE using Plickers. They have had so much fun at the same time they were revising regular and irregular verbs!


3 easily confused English verbs

A lesson I was teaching earlier this week included the verb “ensure,” and when students started asking about other, similar sounding verbs, I realized it makes for a great blog lesson post! 358 more words

15 italian verbs and their translation.

  1. Venire – To come.
  2. Andare – To go.
  3. Parlare – To talk.
  4. Dire – To say.
  5. Mangiare – To eat.
  6. Bere – To drink.
  7. Dormire – To sleep.
  8. 24 more words

First 15 Turkish verbs.

In this post in will translate 50 english verbs from tukish to english. 

  1. Okumak – To read.
  2. Anlatmak – To tell.
  3. Oynamak – To play.
  4. 41 more words

The Verb ‘To Have’ Avere

For Beginners, the Verb ‘To Have’ with Italian translation.

Especially for Children the program features my toys, the JUMBLES.

I have

You have

She has… 11 more words

English Lessons

Verbifying Life

I’m not usually one for click-bait. I pride myself on not falling prey to their eye-grabbing, cliff-hanging headlines. I know the content of the article will generally be either common sense or things I’ve heard before, dressed up as if they’re recent enlightened discoveries. 200 more words