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Neither was available

Was Yahoo! TV writer looking for a fellow writer or an editor who was familiar with grammar. If so, it looks like neither was available — or maybe neither knew that when used as a pronoun, neither is singular:


119. BE before a “to” Verb

Placing “is” (or other form of BE) directly before a verb with “to” can express various meanings


Academic And Professional Writing

Writing that's all that different from correct

This paragraph may pose a clue as to why the quality of writing on Yahoo! is so pathetic. It was written by the New York bureau chief for Yahoo! 50 more words


CBC Codebreaker at HELTA Tesol 2015 in Honduras

Thanks be to God for providing CBC with the most perfect stage upon which to present CBC CODEBREAKER to the world!

At the most wonderful experience sharing professional expertise with like-minded teachers. 287 more words

Maybe Katie Couric can explain this

Now I don’t get it. Why does reading something on yahoo.com make me want to poke my eyes out?

Maybe Katie Couric can explain the grammatical errors that appear so frequently on this page.


Make/Do/Have/Take + Nouns

Here is a mind map to help you revise which nouns we use with these verbs. You can do the quiz before or after revising the verbs. 36 more words


Erreur 38 - Je ne confondrai plus "to interview" et "to interrogate"

Sometimes the police interrogate suspected criminals using force.

Parfois, la Police interroge les criminels suspectés en usant de la force.

CEO of VW was interrogated by Congress on Oct. 46 more words

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