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A to Z Challenge 2015

I had such fun doing the A to Z Challenge last April that I couldn’t resist the opportunity to do it again. The Challenge is simple: Starting on April 1, blog on something that begins with the letter “A”, use “B” April 2, and so on. 216 more words

Are you ready yet?

The mountain is higher still and

there are lessons yet to learn.

I sense a change

on the cusp of an incoming breeze.

It is forthcoming… 125 more words


Ichidan and Godan Verbs (Dictionary Form)

There are 3 groups of verbs in Japanese. The 2 main ones are Ichidan verbs (iru/eru verbs) and Godan verbs. The different groups conjugate in different ways, so it’s important to recognise the group that a verb belongs to. 271 more words


Topical verbiage

ditch /

rearrange /

apply /



No standards need apply

Apparently the use of airstrikes in combat has come as a complete surprise to the staff at the Yahoo! front page. They simply can’t decide if it’s one word or two, so they try it both ways. 78 more words


Master Translator: Exercise 10

L’esercizio fa riferimento all’appunto grammaticale sul periodo ipotetico che trovi QUI

( intermediate / advanced )

  1. Cosa farete se pioverà?
  2. Jane non si sarebbe persa se mi avesse ascoltato.
  3. 113 more words

Irregular Verbs pt. 2 [Grammar of the Week]


Picking up from where we left off last week,

Irregular verbs are verbs (or adjectives) where the spelling of the word is changed when it is conjugated.

264 more words