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Do You Believe Everything You Read?

Developments in technology over the past 15 years have dramatically changed the way news is gathered, produced, shared and read. We have access to thousands of news stories every single day, but how many of them can we trust? 489 more words


Difference between Assert and Verify..??


When Assert command fails, program aborts i.e., when program condition in assert fails, then the remaining code after the Assert will be skipped and execution will be stopped at the same point without proceeding further.

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Selenium Automation

The golden hour for digital journalists: Verification to find Wisdom in the Crowd

The process of verification in journalism is more and more related to social media platforms. With potential sources eager to send a message on Twitter or on Facebook to journalists, it is important to understand what is truth or intentionally fake.   204 more words

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New Verification Handbook For Investigative Work

Good news for investigators: The European Journalism Center today published a handbook on how to use and verify user-generated content in in-depth investigations. It is a… 555 more words

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Verification of Data entry - C++ Programming ( Library Functions)


using library functions





int main()


  char ch;

cout<<“Enter any character :”;


   if (isalpha(ch))

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Iran Nuclear Deal: Iran Says Inspections of Its Military Facilities is "Out of the Question"

Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri dismisses US Defense Secretary Carter’s claim that under nuclear deal military sites will be inspected.

From The Jerusalem Post and The Tehran Times… 338 more words

Talking about digital verification

On April 10, I presented a session on digital verification at the Midwest Journalism Conference in Minneapolis.

I promised to post the slides from my session. 284 more words