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Are Cable Companies Winning the Speed War?

The latest news about Google Fiber slowing on their metropolitan fiber builds got me to wondering if perhaps the cable companies are starting to win the speed wars. 737 more words


Thoughts on the Google Fiber News

It was recently reported that Larry Page, the CEO of Alphabet told Google Fiber to cut their staff in half from 1,000 to 500 and to also cut the cost of building new fiber. 854 more words

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What's the Right Price for a Gigabit?

I often get asked how to price gigabit service by clients that are rolling it out for the first time. For an ISP already in the broadband business, layering in a super-fast Internet product on top of an existing product line can be a real challenge. 912 more words

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How Google Fiber Is Changing Its Strategy as Costs Grow

Google’s effort to offer high-speed Internet access to consumers at home has run into the same economic problem that bedeviled almost every challenger in the market over the last two decades. 465 more words


Investing in Fiber

There is a recent short article in Forbes titled, To Evade the Wheeler Tax, Capital is Fleeing Digital Infrastructure by Hal Singer. The premise of the article is that the FCC’s move to regulate broadband under Title II has somehow driven the large ISPs to stop investing in broadband. 732 more words

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Fiber for Everyone?

Just a few days ago I wrote about the two cities that are considering having citizens pay for their fiber networks through utility fees and pledges to support the fiber financing. 860 more words

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Fiber is Not Always Fiber

I had a conversation today that is the same one I’ve had many times. I was talking to a City that has already built hundreds of miles of fiber to connect municipal buildings. 812 more words

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