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The Wires Are Unraveling for Verizon's Landline Buyer

It was less than 18 months ago that the telecom company Frontier Communications acquired Verizon’s wired voice and data operations in Texas, Florida, and California. 314 more words


5G Needs Fiber

I am finally starting to see an acknowledgement by the cellular industry that 5G implementation is going to require fiber – a lot of fiber. For the last year or so the industry press – prompted by misleading press releases from the wireless companies – made it sound like wireless was our future and that there would soon not be any need for building more wires. 848 more words

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Dial-Up Days

I’ve just been ported over to AOL email since Verizon dumped its “free” email that was part of its FiOS service.

I guess it was just a matter of time that some MBA at corporate HQ would decide to toss a key element of the FiOS service. 304 more words

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Cellular Networks and Fiber

We’ve known for a while that the future 5G that the cellular companies are promising is going to need a lot of fiber. Recently Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam verified this when he said that the company will be building dense fiber networks for this purpose. 812 more words

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Verizon Rolls Out Near-Gigabit Internet Speeds In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — You probably don’t need to stream five HD movies at the same time as you download email attachments and browse the web, but Verizon has just switched on an Internet upgrade that makes it possible in Philadelphia and several other cities. 157 more words


Broadband Shorts - March 2017

Today I’m writing about a few interesting topics that are not long enough to justify a standalone blog:

Google Scanning Non-user Emails. There has been an ongoing class action lawsuit against Google for scanning emails from non-Google customers. 548 more words

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CBS' New Retransmission Deal With Verizon FiOS Expands Digital Access

Verizon’s FiOS customers shouldn’t have to worry about keeping up with programs on CBS-owned stations, company owned CW affiliates, Showtime, Smithsonian Channel and CBS Sports Network. 167 more words

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