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Recording NY Mets Baseball History With Verizon FiOS

I love attending a Live baseball game versus watching on TV.

Both have their own pros and cons.

Dining at Citi Field’s  Acela Club is definitely in the “pro” column for me.   374 more words


Apr 28, 2016 Who's Who In Technology 2016, Chorus Communications


COMMUNICATIONS.  Agents and partners in telecommunications and cloud industries attended Chorus Communications FallWho’s Who In Technology Forum”  at the historic Fairmount Water works located on the riverside. 32 more words


Verizon Says Strike and Boycott Push Aren't Hurting—Yet

How’s Verizon weathering the week-long walkout of some 40,000 of its workers, including most of its telephone and Internet service installers? Any impact from the strikers picketing outside Verizon Wireless stores and urging customers to boycott the company? 369 more words


Verizon tries to defend their stance while employees strike

Over the last few months, Verizon has been trying to come to terms with union organizations that cover several states along the East Coast. At issue is Verizon wanting employees to accept significant cuts in pay, accept significant cuts in insurance benefits and to allow Verizon to fire more employees. 208 more words


New Frontier Customers Get Bad First Impression After Verizon Sale And Switchover

Back in February, Frontier Communications and Verizon announced a massive deal where Verizon sold broadband, cable TV, and voice markets in California, Texas, and Florida to Frontier. 399 more words


Verizon denies expansion claims, tells city they aren't a "money-maker"

When it comes to government handouts money, Verizon wants every last dollar. They want every dollar even if it means that Verizon has no intention of ever completing their part of a deal. 340 more words

New Jersey

Verizon’s CEO says 300-channel cable bundles will be gone in a few years

The way Americans buy cable TV is poised for a big change, according to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam: The 300-channel bundles standard among many TV providers will be phased out over the next three to five years, and replaced by smaller, more customizable packages. 225 more words